Fitness | Posted 02 Jan 2018

You’ve probably got that one Facebook friend turned gym-enthusiast that assures you there’s always time to work out. That might be true for personal trainers and professionals with a strict routine, but what do you do when you’re always on the move? Here’s our brief guide on how to keep fit while travelling with Jurys Inn.


Yoga is difficult to break into without some guidance, but it can be a very rewarding experience and can lead to tangible results. We recommend downloading a dedicated app to tailor a yogic flow to your skill level. Beginners will discover a comfortable burn and some newfound peace of mind, all within the solitary environment of your Jurys Inn hotel room.

Yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and combat the effects of insomnia. If you start every day with a brief yoga flow, you’re bound to reduce the stress that comes with constant travelling[1].



Going for a run in an unfamiliar city is often daunting, but it’s the ideal way to keep fit on the go while taking in some of the sites of the cities that you’re visiting. We’ve already shared some of our favourite inner-city running routes, along with links to sites that give you access to routes that local runners use themselves.

An early morning run is proven to wake you up more quickly and naturally than any other remedy, with fresh air and extra blood flow pumping you up for the day[1]. Wake up with the city that you’re in with a short urban run from your Jurys Inn hotel.



Swimming is one of the most comprehensive forms of exercise you can do, forcing your entire body to work to propel you through the water. 30-minutes swimming is the equivalent of 45-minutes activity on land[1], so save yourself some time and take an early morning dip at one of our Jurys Inn spa locations.

Hotels like Jurys Inn Brighton and Jurys Inn East Midlands Airport offer access to swimming pools, and you can check out our full range of leisure locations here.


Body Weight Exercises

The best way to tone your body up proportionately and without weights is to work with your own bodyweight. Bodyweight exercises are usually compound moves, which means they target multiple areas of your body at the same time. A single set of press-ups works your arms, abs, lower body and upper back, thus training your muscle groups to work together and grow stronger overall.

Challenge yourself with a daily bodyweight routine comprised of push-ups, a variation on abdominal crunches, wide-legged squats, burpees or any other compound exercise achievable in a small space. Browse this list of bodyweight exercises to find a combination of moves that works for your fitness level. Complete a comfortable amount of reps for each exercise in a circuit of three to five sets, and you’re guaranteed to feel the difference in no time at all.


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