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Hotel Habits Revealed: What We Really Get Up To Behind Closed Doors

submited Thu 21 Jul, 2016

Jurys Inn Hotel Group reveals how Brits fare on their hotel etiquette

  • Study by Jurys Inn Hotel Group reveals one in 10  tight Brits NEVER tip anyone
  • Restaurant staff receive most tips, research suggests
  • 95% of Brits admit to helping themselves to goods from hotels

LONDON, 17 July 2016 – It’s been at the centre of many heated arguments, fall outs and uncomfortable situations – who should you tip and how much?

Whilst tipping is deemed the norm when it comes to common British courtesy, Jurys Inn Hotel Group has today revealed that one in 10 Brits never leave a tip – with hotel and bar staff less likely to be given extra cash for their services.

The survey which polled 2,500 people to find out hotel etiquette of Brits, French and Germansalso revealed the professions which fare best when it comes to gratuities which included restaurant staff (69%), taxi drivers (47%), hairdressers (38%), hotel staff (18%) and bar staff (13%).

Over three fifths of Brits are clued up on their tipping etiquette when it comes to dining out as 69% are a cert to leave a little extra, followed by almost half (47%) who tip their drivers and 38% tipping their hairdressers.  Bar staff are the least likely to be given a little extra for their services, with only 13% Brits digging deep to tip a tender.

Restaurant staff also received the most gratuity in Germany (63%) and France (55%), however, the second most tipped in France is bar staff with almost half (43%) feeling the service deserves a little more.

The study by friendly hotel chain Jurys Inn also revealed a few truths when it comes to Brits staying in hotels with less than a fifth (18%) of the nation opting to leave gratuity to hotel staff, of which 73% are the over 55s. 

Interestingly, we fare a cheeky bunch when it comes to helping ourselves to hotel items as a staggering 93% Brits admit to rehoming the goods. Unsurprisingly, toiletries topped the list of items that made their way into traveller’s suitcases with over half of Brits hoarding them.  But it seems some of us manage to get our hands on much more than a few smellies, with stationery (17%), slippers (9%), towels (8%) and hotel tableware (4%) amongst the list of top desirable items to take home.

But how do these habits compare to our friends across the pond. When surveyed, nearly a third of people in France (20%) and Germany (13%)also admitted to pinching the hotel basics with towels coming out top.

Comparatively, more respondents from France and Germany said they never take anything from a hotel room. 42% of French claimed to never have pinched anything and nearly half of Germans said the same (48%) compared to only one in three (30%) of Brits who deny taking items home with them.

The study to mark a UK wide census into hotel etiquette also revealed that, despite cheeky Brits pinching a few luxuries, we can’t be knocked on our tidiness as four in five (82%) always make the effort to keep their hotel room spick and span, in comparison to three quarters (79%) of respondents from France and even less in Germany (74%).

When looking at the UK, France and Germany combined, 4 in 5 (83%) females always make an effort to keep their room tidy while staying in a hotel compared to (78%) males.  

Suzanne Cannon, Head of Marketing at Jurys Inn said, “Our study of the Brits, French and German’s reveal some interesting facts about the way people behave when they stay in hotels. It even confirmed some long standing suspicions of missing items!

With hotels across the UK and Ireland, Jurys Inn is delving deep into the habits of Brits and making it our mission to have the most knowledge about the cities they are in. We pride ourselves on our staff being people experts, especially when it comes down to Brits, what makes them tick and what makes each city unique”.

For more information, visit, @JurysInnsHotels on Twitter or Facebook

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