Health | Posted 12 Jun 2017

The 12th June kickstarts Healthy Eating Week, when many of us ditch the winter woolies for something a little more sun-friendly, and start to shape up for that long-awaited summer holiday.

For event-planners, navigating the minefield of summer diets when considering your catering options can be a challenge. You'll want your guests to be well fed, but offer them something that doesn't destroy their diet.

Business professionals can  consume over 50% of their daily calories while at work, and corporate meetings laden with delicious buffet stations can be a temptation that's hard to resist. So, we've put together a few tips to ensure your dieting delegates are well-catered for, without ruining the healthy regime...

Skip the snacks
When faced with a delicious array of breakfast pastries and fluffy muffins, many delegates will automatically dig in, regardless of whether they're hungry or not. After all, eating is sociable, so if everyone else is enjoying one...

If your meeting is only planned to last under an hour, skip the snacks. Serve water (garnished with fruit), tea and coffee, with biscuits for those that fancy a sweet treat.


Portion control
Let's face it, who doesn't over-indulge at the buffet table? Offer your guests plates and bowls that encourage healthy portion sizes. A smaller plate looks full, which psychologically leads guests to think they've eaten more than they really have, helping them to feel more satisfied.


Get fresh
Offer a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables so that guests can opt for super healthy options if they'd prefer. A great tip is to put your fruits and vegetables at the start of a buffet line. That way, plates won't be too full to fit them, by the time they reach the end of the line.  


Up the H2O
Ensure your delegates have a plentiful supply of water. You could serve pre-bottled water or garnish jugs of iced water with fresh fruits for a refreshing twist.


Hold the dressing
No salad is complete without a dash of dressing. Though allow your guests to choose for themselves. Serve rich sauces and creamy dressings on the side in separate pots to avoid adding those unwanted extra calories to a perfectly healthy salad.


Go miniature
Cut sandwiches, wraps and cakes into small bite-sized pieces.  Guests will tend to eat less overall, even if they choose two small pieces rather than one large piece of cake (which are often way bigger than they need to be!)


Whatever you choose to offer your guests, variety is key. Bear in mind that whilst many delegates will be doing their best to make healthy choices, some will still want a little indulgence to break up their day. So throw in a few delicious eats to keep them sweet...

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