Health | Posted 27 Nov 2017

Tired of being cooped up in conference rooms, or just looking for a break from all the festive family fun? Going for a run in an unfamiliar city can be tricky, but it’s the best way to shake off any road-weariness while checking out the local sights. Here are some of our favourite inner-city running routes in the country – all within jogging distance of your Jurys Inn hotel.

SEA LIFE Centre Canal Route
Just a 4-minute walk from Jurys Inn Birmingham 

Wake up or wind down with a brisk 7km run along the Birmingham canals. These quirky waterways offer a unique, ground-up perspective of the city’s astonishing architecture, from the space age SEA LIFE centre to the sloping Victorian bridges that you’ll pass over and underneath.

Trailblazing Exeter
Just outside Jurys Inn Exeter 

Take in all that Exeter has to offer with a 5.5km run around some of the city’s best bits. This route isn’t fully pedestrianised, so watch those roads – but traffic shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you head out early. Plus, you’ll be treated to some cracking sunrise views from Belmont Park at the start and near the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in the last stretch. Hopefully that makes all those hills worth it!

Riverfront Run
Just outside Jurys Inn Glasgow

Glasgow recently received a shout-out as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK, now it’s also been named the second greenest city in Britain too[1]. Get into the city’s healthy spirit with a brisk run along the River Clyde. It’s just 4km from Broomielaw to Glasgow Green.


The Mersey Waterfront
Just outside Jurys Inn Liverpool

Wake up to the Mersey with a crisp 12km run around the world-famous Albert Dock, all the way down to Otterspool and back. This chilly waterfront running route is both a brisk wakeup call and a crash course in Liverpool’s history, starting with stunning sunrise views of the eponymous Liver Buildings. 

Check out the full route so you can tailor it to your skill level and time constraints.

City Centre Canal Run
Just an 8-minute walk from Jurys Inn Manchester

Manchester’s canal system is a runner’s paradise, with plenty of clear pathways providing a seamless transition from the bustle of the city to the quiet down by the water. This route is a refreshing 6.8km run with minimal elevation. Jump in at Liverpool Road for a quick glimpse of the Museum of Science and Industry before exploring the city’s industrial waterways.

Traffic Free Track
Just a 9-minute walk from Jurys Inn Sheffield

Sheffield is famously environmentally-friendly, and there’re many corners of the city where it doesn’t feel urbanised at all. Bearing the mantle of the Outdoor City, there’re plenty of variable running routes that allow you to cut out the traffic. Head up to Sheffield Station and follow The Outdoor City’s blue trail for a park-hopping exploration of the some of the Sheffield’s greenest spaces.

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