Posted 16 Apr 2012
A long commute to work is sometimes necessary but rarely a lot of fun. There are certain negative health effects that often go along with traveling long distances to work such as high blood pressure and high levels of stress. A commute also cuts down on the amount of time that you can spend doing leisure activities that you enjoy or being with your family and friends for quality time. A long commute means that your work day is extended by the amount of time it takes for you to get there and back again.
If you drive each day for your commute the negative effects can be worse than if you carpool or take a train or bus. Driving can cause problems with your posture and nerves, such as sciatica, and make you feel extremely stressed out because of traffic. Dealing with stress each morning and evening is a fast way to raise your blood pressure. This can increase your health risks for a heart attack or stroke to develop suddenly.
Taking a train or a bus, or even carpooling with others, can make a commute easier and more efficient. This way you can work or relax while on the road instead of constantly having to pay attention. If it is possible for you to commute in any of these ways you should definitely consider them for your peace of mind and health.
If you have to drive to work a long distance it is important to attempt to limit your stress as much as possible. Listen to relaxing music or an inspirational book while driving. Try to do something to improve your life like learn another language. Making the most of your time will help you feel less hopeless and annoyed while driving to and from the office each day.

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