Food & Drink | Posted 13 Dec 2017

Getting a business lunch right isn’t always easy. The pressure is on, and the cuisine is not always to everyone’s taste. However, we all need to stomach a business meal now and then, and they don’t need to be tasteless affairs. We’ve put together a short list of some of our favourite business lunch locations near Jurys Inn hotels, so you can see where makes a great business lunch venue.

Damascena Coffee House
Just a 14-minute drive from Jurys Inn Birmingham

Close to Birmingham New Street, and with excellent access to the city’s tram links, Damascena Coffee House is perfect for a quick business meeting over coffee.  There’s a smorgasbord of easy bites that cater to all dietary requirements, as well as a massive choice of coffees, from traditional Turkish brews to ice drips. When pressed for time on a business lunch, somewhere tasteful and quick is the best way to impress.

Plateau Brighton
Just a 3-minute walk from Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront

With an exceptional list of naturally produced wines and an authentic bistro vibe, Plateau Brighton is ideal for a one-on-one business lunch with a like-minded professional. Their lunch menu is tastefully varied, with an a-la-carte menu and set options of one to three courses. The ambience is great too; not too quiet and not too loud. Which means you can get down to brass tax without needing to raise your voice, or feeling like yours is the only noise in the room.

Restaurant Bar and Grill
Just a 10-minute drive from Jurys Inn Leeds

Situated right across the road from Leeds train station, Restaurant Bar and Grill is primly placed for a flying meeting. Built into a gorgeous old post office building, the venue is spacious and attractive, with a wide-ranging lunch menu to match. Classic dishes like flat iron steaks and mushroom risotto are in abundance, while seasonal heroes like buffalo mozzarella and beetroot salad are constantly refreshing the palette. There are plug sockets available throughout the restaurant and free WiFi, so you can plug-in while you tuck-in.

Banyan Bar and Kitchen
Just an 11-minute drive from Jurys Inn Manchester

You’re never going to guess a person’s preferences or practices, so organise your business lunch with that in mind. Banyan Bar and Kitchen serves food and drink all day, with plenty of vegetarian options available on the main menu, from creamy mushrooms to a veggie Thai green curry. There’s also a choice of seating, from the bustling terrace of Exchange Square to a private room in the back with more than enough room for a small conference. When in doubt, offer as much as possible.

If you’re looking for more advice on your business lunch, check out our dress codes for business events and figure out what outfit complements your menu.

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