News & Events | Posted 25 May 2017

As soon as I stepped into Flok - one of Manchester’s newest and most intriguing bars - I knew it would fast become one of my favourite places to visit in the city. Located in the heart of the Northern Quarter, on the corner of Stevenson Square, you’ll find an unusual sight; a modern bar that has dedicated itself to bringing sherry back to the modern consumer. The punchy yellow painted triangle that surrounds the entrance sets the bar high for a memorable experience, but as you reach a few feet in you’ll quickly realise that Flok isn’t just another cookie-cutter modern bistro.


The rustic interior feels like a blend of a traditional British pub, an old Spanish eatery and a local blues bar you might find nestled somewhere in America’s deep south. The black and white checkerboard flooring is met with a heavy dose of polished wood, pastel coloured pealing walls and heavily adorned antique cabinets, Flok doesn’t shy away from being everything it wants to be.


While sherry is where their hearts lie - there’s a wide selection of local cask, draft and bottled beers, whisky, American bourbon, wine and cocktails available. If you’re not up on your sherries then the friendly staff will guide you through what’s on offer, the nuances of each drop and what makes them so special. It sets you up for a totally different experience to anything else you’re likely to find in the city. Coffee and food is also on the cards too - serving from mid morning, all around the clock. Spanish-inspired small plates, hearty brunches and all-day breakfast bowls, to be washed down with a dark roasted Americano. Flok has got a surprising number of bases covered!

This place is in good company too, with Fred Aldous art store, Foundation Coffee, West Corner diner and Oi Polloi within a couple of minutes’ walk from Flok’s front door, and not to mention it being just five minutes from Manchester Piccadilly Station.

A sherry bar isn’t something you’d associate with the North of England, or anywhere in the UK for that matter; but Flok has managed to create something fresh, bringing something truly innovative to Manchester’s scene. I promise that once you see the interior you’ll know exactly why I’m putting this humble little bar at the top of my must see list.

5 Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DN


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