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Being vegan may still be regarded by some as an alternative lifestyle choice but, much like vegetarianism, it’s rocketing in popularity. More and more restaurants are discovering that the nut roast is not the only option for vegetable lovers, and are finally pulling out all the stops to produce some top-notch dishes that are ideal for everyone.

Leeds is one of the cities leading the vegan pack right now, and with several all-vegan or all-vegetarian restaurants to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. So, if you’re staying at Jurys Inn Leeds and are seeking top-notch vegan nosh, here are the places we think you should try.


The Old Red Bus Station, 104 Vicar Lane, LS2 7NL

The first all-vegan restaurant in Leeds, Cantina isn’t just angling for the veggie vote, it is also a funky little bar that anyone can enjoy. With menu choices including the likes of fauxfish and chips and the Green Machine burger, there is something to satisfy most people. And, given that the ‘Bigger Stuff’ is a mere £5.50 per plate, you’re hardly breaking the bank to try something new!


55 Kirkstall Lane, LS5 3BE

Another entirely vegan establishment, Mog’s is there for you when you just want classic takeaway food that suits your vegan morals. They offer mouthwatering burgers and ‘chicken’ dinners that will tempt even meat lovers into taking a bite. This isn’t health food, this is food for the soul - the soul who definitely enjoys lettuce but knows deep down that naughty foods with names like Donut Do That should never be off the menu.

Nicholls Vegetarian Eatery

86a Harrogate Road, LS7 4LZ

If you are looking for comfort food on your average cold, rainy Leeds day, a pie is probably what you are craving, specifically the red pepper hummus, roast veg & sweet potato pie on offer at Nicholls Delicatessen. But this isn’t the only vegan option on a menu full of bright colours and flavours. Again, the food here is well-priced with a main meal costing just £7.50 and an enormous vegan breakfast coming in at £6.

Global Tribe Cafe

18 Swan Street, LS1 6LG

Describing themselves as a sanctuary of positivity and community spirit, the Global Tribe Cafe really lives up to its name with a wide range of foods inspired by cuisines from around the world. Everything in this restaurant is vegetarian and the vegan options are plentiful. In fact, there aren’t many options here that can’t be made vegan. Every plate comes out looking like a work of art (just look at their Instagram feed!) and though main meals are slightly more expensive at around £9, it is well worth it.

Ecco Pizzeria

93 Otley Road, LS6 3PS

You might think that as a vegan authentic pizza Napoli-style is off the menu for you. But how wrong you are! Relish the opportunity to join your friend at an Italian restaurant once more without settling for a disappointing salad! Every vegetarian pizza on the menu can be made using vegan cheese. Funghi and Vegetale are natural standouts but the pizza Marinara is vegan by default as those seafaring Italians couldn’t afford cheese so they went for full flavours from olive oil and plenty of herbs instead. Reasonably priced and totally delish!


72-74 North Street, LS2 7PN

We Brits are passionate about our curry but though many menus are now very meat heavy, in India, lots of people are vegetarian. Hansa’s brings authentic recipes from Gujarat where most people are Hindu - and therefore vegetarian - but aren’t prepared to compromise on flavour! To be frank, everything on the menu sounds divine but if we had to choose something, the Chevti Daal is a safe and comforting choice but the Masala Dhosa sounds like nothing we have eaten before. You’ll have to let us know what you think!

Willing to travel a little further? Check out these delicious vegan eateries.

Manchester - V Rev

20 - 26 Edge Street, M4 1HN

If you’re willing to take a 50 minute train over to Manchester, you have to try V Rev. This menu is unabashedly all vegan with bold choices including chkn, beefy patty burgers and the kind of wordplay only Mancunians could come up with in names like Soy Division and Donut Stop Me Now which both sound great. Granted, this restaurant is a little more expensive with the menu reaching up to £11 but you don’t get much better for burgers and puns.

Bradford - Dandelion Cafe

Holding Space, BD18 3HU

Technically, Dandelion Cafe is just north of Bradford in Saltaire, but given that they needed the extra space for cookery courses, we’ll forgive them for not being in the town centre! The menu is focused on wholesome meals but doesn’t stint on bright colors. You won’t get bored with this food and the meze option means that you can order a wide variety of dishes to share with friends. With main meals coming in under £7, this one is worth the drive.

Sheffield - Make No Bones

4a Rutland Way, S3 8DG

At the heart to Church - which looks a lot like a warehouse on the outside, so persevere - is Make No Bones, a bold vegan diner offering everything from loaded fries to salads. An enormous-looking burger will set you back around £10 but pretty much everything else comes in at under £6.

If this list is telling us anything, it is that vegan food is not just for vegans - it is for anyone looking for a different taste sensation and brand new flavour combinations. Just as vegetarian food has grown up and become a norm, vegan food is having it’s own moment. And we can all celebrate that!

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