Posted 09 Jul 2015

Homemade lollies and treats are a fantastic way to give kids a healthy and refreshing snack during the summer months. Get the kids stuck in for a little creative fun and they of course get a treat at the end! You’ll need some ice lolly moulds, we like the look of these clever non-drip and ‘sip’ moulds, however if you fancy something a bit different, there are a range of quirky shaped moulds on Amazon. Browse the recipes below (some healthy, some more treaty) and enjoy a summer of homemade frozen treats!

Lolly Moulds
DIY ice lollies by Hans Splinter / CCBY (image size has been modified)

Lolly Surprise

Simple, refreshing, healthy, and quick to make, the Lolly Surprise is the perfect homemade lollypop. With just two ingredients, you can have your lollies ready in only a few hours!


Juice of your choice

‘Surprise’ ingredient- this can be anything, raspberries or blackberries are a great addition!


Pour juice of your choice into the mould and add ‘surprise’ ingredient. Place in freezer for at least three hours.

Banana Split

Banana Split
Strawberry and Banana & Greek yoghurt Popsicle by No place like kitchen (image size has been modified)

Taking a mix of smoothie and juice, the Banana split is a delicious, creamy and cooling lolly recipe. Learn the recipe below!




Layer One & Three

10 strawberries

4 tbsp apple juice

2 tsp honey

Layer Two

12 thick slices of banana

100ml Greek or plain yogurt

2 tsp maple syrup


This ice lolly will need to be made in three stages. Chop half the strawberries and place in a blender with two tbsp of apple juice and one tsp of honey and blend thoroughly. Pour an even amount of the mixture into six lolly moulds, making sure there’s enough space for the remaining two layers (depending on how big your moulds are). Place the lollies in the freezer until they are frozen.

For layer two (the banana layer) place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Take lolly moulds out the freezer and evenly pour mixture into the six moulds, again ensuring there’s enough space for the final layer. Place a small bit of foil over the mixture and make a slit in the middle for the lollypop stick (the foil holds it in place).If your mould has the stick as part of the lid, you may have to switch it for a single lollypop stick for this recipe. Return to the freezer to set and freeze.

Once frozen, chop the remaining strawberries and place in blender, add two tbsps of apple juice and one tsp of honey and blend. Remove the foil from each lolly and top each mould with the final mixture – make sure you leave a little bit of space at the top for expansion, a centimetre or two should do. Return to freezer and once fully frozen, you have a scrumptious lolly!

Gummy Bear Lemon Lolly

This one is more of a treat lolly, but great fun and the kids will love it – it’s colourful and there are sweets involved! This is a quick and easy one with no blending required- take a look at the recipe below.


250ml lemonade

A pack of Gummy bears



Sort bears into six piles of eight bears of mixed colours and place into the lolly moulds. Pour lemonade into each mould, put lolly sticks in if they are not part of the mould (use foil with a slit to hold in place) and place into freezer overnight – it’s as simple as that!


Mango Delight

Mango Delights
Fruit Ice Lollies by Lablascovegmenu/ CCBY (image size has been modified)

This one is so simple and quick you’ll have lollies in no time at all! Mango is a deliciously sweet fruit making it the perfect healthy lolly ingredient, however, you can easily replace mango with another fruit if you prefer something a bit different. See the recipe and method below.


3 Mangos

1 Cup Strawberries

125ml Plain Yoghurt

2 tblsp Honey



Chop up the mangos – this can be quite tricky and require some care, so maybe do this before you get the kids to help! Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend. Pour mixture into the lolly moulds and add the lollypop sticks if they’re not attached to the ‘lid’, you can use foil with a little slit to hold the stick in place. Place in the freezer and voila – you’re done! Mango Delight in lollypop goodness!

Nutella Lolly

Filled with chocolatey goodness and perfect for Nutella lovers, this lolly is the perfect treat for kids and adults alike! It’s simple to do, you just need a blender!



250ml of Whole Milk

1/3 cup of Nutella



Pour milk into a blender with the Nutella and blend until smooth. Pour mixture into lolly moulds and place lolly sticks in (use foil with a slit to hold in place) if they are not part of the mould and freeze.

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