Posted 06 Jan 2011
Manchester will be home to a February 12th match between Manchester United and Manchester City, commonly referred to as the Manchester Derby. After a 0-0 draw at the last Manchester Derby in November, the rival squads will both likely be eager to capture a win.

Set to be played at Manchester United's home of Old Trafford Stadium, this match will be the latest in a series of over 140 Manchester Derbies, with the earliest match between the two teams having taken place in 1894. While Manchester United has consistently finished near the top of the English Premier League since the 1990s, Manchester City has recently experienced a resurgence, returning to the top of the league after a series of relegations. This return to form has piqued interest in recent Derbies, as both teams are now top competitors.

Fans can expect many differences between the February match and the last match between these two teams. Unlike November's match, Manchester City's manager, Roberto Mancini, is expected to make more use of Emmanuel Adebayor. He is one of the club's most skilled strikers, and was left on the bench for most of November's Derby. Mancini was also criticized for being too cautious and failing to take the risks necessary to win. Analysts explain that while it was wise to play carefully against a team of such calibre as Manchester United, Mancini was so concerned about his squad not losing that he made it impossible for Manchester City to win. If Mancini has taken these criticisms into consideration, he and his players will have hopefully built up the confidence needed to play aggressively against Manchester United by the time of the Derby.

Regardless of the outcome, the February 12th Manchester Derby is likely to be entertaining. When world-class clubs like Manchester City and Manchester United square off, the foundation for a classic match is laid.

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