St. Patrick's Day | Posted 15 Mar 2018

It’s that time again: green o’clock. Thousands of Paddy-loving patrons prepare to descend on Irish shores to celebrate our favourite national holiday! To help guests get to grips with the ins and outs of an Irish night out, Jurys Inn has published an insider guide to celebrating this Paddy’s Day…

Based on feedback from hotel guests and tips from Jurys Inn employees, this guide demystifies Irishisms and explains some of our unique Irish ‘banter’, guaranteed to help visitors fit right in at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


Go full shamrock with your St Patrick’s Day ensemble.
There may be 40 shades of green but you don’t have to wear them all! Put down your leprechaun hat, but a splash of emerald wouldn’t go amiss for the day that’s in it.

“St Patrick's Day”
by Guy Evans is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Invest in any ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ paraphernalia
These have the opposite effect in Ireland…

Call it ‘St. Patty’s Day’
While our national celebration is affectionately dubbed ‘Paddy’s Day’ by Irish people, calling it ‘Patty’s Day’ is much less well received at the sesh.

Tell far fetched claims about your ‘Irishness’
“I’m actually Irish… my great grandad’s sister’s uncle’s cat was born in Kerry!” Sound familiar? We’re flattered that you’ve embraced your green heritage, but please stop.

Take yourself too seriously
Self deprecation and slagging just about every single person, animal and thing we see is a key feature of Irish humour. If you find yourself on the end of a joke in a crowd of Irish at the local pub, be sure to have some fun with it and don’t get (too) offended.

Enquire about mythical creatures
Sorry to say that leprechauns went extinct in the last century… It’s a touchy subject for most locals so best not to open scars by bringing it up. The same goes for banshees and tree fairies.

Get offended if one of your fellow party-goers make an ‘Irish exit’
Irish folk tend not to announce that we’re leaving the party – we just leave. This doesn’t mean that we didn’t have the banter with you; it just means we’re ready to hit the hay (or the nearest takeaway!)

Judge all Irish people by the quality of Irish dancing you’ll see in pubs
With enough of the black stuff in us, all Irish people think that we’re skilled in our native dance. We are not. Catching some real, quality Irish dancing is highly recommended to balance out the attempts that happen late at night in Temple Bar.

Believe that everyone is fluent in the Irish language
We Irish tend to get a great laugh out of telling visitors that ‘Cúinis Bóthar Cailín Bainne’ has a profound poetic meaning, when in reality we’re lucky if we have cúpla focail. (a couple of words)



Order yourself a pint of Guinness
Embrace the black stuff for the day that’s in it. You probably won’t like the taste, but do it for the Facebook pictures.

“Guinness” by Jessica Spengler is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Get down with the lingo
Other countries have jokes…we have BANTER. Key phrases to arm yourself with before embarking on a sesh include:

"The horrors"
When an Irish person is in ‘the horrors’, you better believe we had a long sesh the night before. This is the worst hangover imaginable, times ten. In a sentence: “I was up till 6:00am and now I’m in the absolute horrors.”

"The fear"
Aptly named, ‘the fear’ is something we all have experienced. It’s the sense of waking up after a night out and not knowing what to expect from your friends, how much money you’ve spent, or who you might have been texting.

In a sentence:    “Can’t show my face in town today, the fear is too bad.”

"The craic"
The fun, the energy, the Irish atmosphere. ‘The craic’ is an all-encompassing term that we Irish use at any sesh to get up to speed with the events of the night.

In a sentence:    “What’s the craic?”

"The shift"
Known in Dublin city as a ‘score’, in the US as ‘making-out’ and in the UK as a ‘snog’, ‘the shift’ is a unique and truly Irish saying.

In a sentence:    “Did you get the shift? Yeah, I shifted her.”

"The fry"
The morning after the sesh, you’ll hear a lot of talk from the entire population of Ireland about having a ‘fry’. To fully understand, you should head to the nearest relevant eatery and order the Full Irish – because no words can truly describe this experience after a night out.

In a sentence: “I’m starving…I’ll have the Full Irish.”

Be aware of the etiquette surrounding ‘getting a round in’
If you accept a drink as part of a round, you will have to return the favour by buying everyone in your party a drink at some stage of the night, or risk being labelled stingy by your drinking buddies. No one will ask you to return the favour, but they’re all thinking about it. You’ve been warned!

Wear layers
Four seasons in one day? That’s nothing. In Ireland, we get every season three times a day and usually top it all off with a freak weather incident. Be prepared!

Dance to mandatory Irish tunes
No Irish sesh is complete without a 5:00am dance off with a total stranger to a 90s hit by Westlife or the Backstreet Boys. Prepare yourself by getting familiar with the lyrics – everyone else will know them off by heart. Probably best to brush up on the words of ‘Galway Girl’ too, just to be safe.

Cure your hangover with some traditional Irish remedies
In Ireland, we swear that flat 7Up cures everything – and it really does. Headache? Flat 7Up. Tummy bug? Flat 7Up. In the complete-and-utter horrors after a major sesh? Flat 7Up.

Make the trip to the chipper at the end of the night
Following a sesh, the biggest craving that any Irish person will have is for a ‘garlic cheese chip’. Go along for the fun and enjoy the Irish cultural experience of sitting in a starkly lit chipper at 5:00am with everyone you were just in the pub with.

Whether you’re staying at our hotel in Dublin Christchurch, Dublin Parnell Street, Cork, Galway and Belfast, you’ll be located in the centre of the craic this St. Patrick’s Day. Sláinte!

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