Travel | Posted 01 Oct 2012

Perhaps you’re a last-minute packer. You know the one who grabs anything and everything on the off chance that you may forget something, and are still trying to shoehorn the last few items into your suitcase as you and your partner or child sit on it to try and get its closed?

“Ha” we hear you say in a rather smug tone, “I am the organised packer”. We know the type – the one who packs weeks in advance, then unpacks and repacks again and maybe even does it one more time before the holiday “just to be sure”.  In fact we applaud your organisation skills and envy them slightly.

However, regardless of which packer you are, chances are you’re packing things that you may not need on your holiday. We here at Jurys Inn thought we’d draw up a list of things you may be tempted to bring but really shouldn’t.

Your entire bathroom cabinet

If you’re heading away on a weekend break is it essential that you pack the entire contents of your bathroom cabinet?  Cleanser, toner, eye-make up remover, moisturiser, make up, cotton pads, shaving gel, razors, toothbrushes, after shave, two bottles of perfume - the list can be exhaustive and the contents can quickly fill up space. If your skin isn’t sensitive, consider downsizing to makeup wipes, perhaps, pare your makeup bag right back so that you only bring the makeup you need.


Ok, if you’re travelling abroad on a sun holiday, beach towels can be a good idea, but is it really necessary to pack two beach towels and a hand towel for a hotel trip, even if it is to be on the safe side? Good hotels will provide a selection of towels and those with spa facilities will also have towels on hand for guests. Imagine the weight and the space that you’ll save by leaving the towels at home.

Your best jewellery

But the pictures will go on Facebook so we have to look our best, we hear you say. Is it really worth taking your best jewellery and spending your time worrying about it when you’re out and about? Dress jewellery can make you look amazing, and try to limit it to just a few pieces. Mixing and matching your outfits will mean less jewellery is needed.

Woolly jumper

We know it too well - the fear of being cold and away from your wardrobe so you pack a woolly jumper that weighs a kilo on the off chance that you may need to snuggle up in it one night. But then the weather’s good, or you think of those photos again and want to look your best, and soon that woolly jumper finds itself at the bottom of the suitcase never to see the light of day or dark of night. Think layers when you’re travelling, and leave the big, heavy woolly jumpers at home.

All of your electric gadgets

The list of electric gadgets we bring away with us is getting greater: there’s the hairdryer, straightener, phone, charger, Kindle, laptop (in case work calls), electric toothbrush – some coffee addicts even bring their own coffee maker, believe it or not. But not all of these gadgets are necessary. If your mobile phone has internet access, you could leave the laptop at home. If you can’t live without your hair straightener, the hotel hairdryer may be up to the task of drying your hair before you straighten those locks. You can get really cheap toothbrushes that can be disposed of after your trip. And for the coffee-maker-carrying-travellers, we suggest visiting the multitude of cafes you’ll find in any city or holiday destination.

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