Posted 18 Aug 2010
The Dublin Viking Festival is an annual event that is scheduled to take place in late August. It is celebrated primarily in the Wood Quay, as this is a site that has been made famous by the discovery of the ruins of an ancient Viking settlement as well as the recovery of additional artifacts. The entire festival takes place over the course of one weekend.

Activities and Attractions

Activities that take place during the Dublin Viking Festival are numerous and are guaranteed to be extremely entertaining. Tours of the Amphitheater of Wood Quay, the Dublin Wax Museum, and walking tours of historic Viking Dublin are regularly scheduled. During these, guests can see both famous and obscure locations that are highly significant to Ireland's Viking past, as well as overall Irish history. An outdoor movie is screened, allowing guests a chance to kick back with a picnic basket.

The Viking Village is quite possibly one of the favorite attractions of the Dublin Viking Festival, as it is comprised of an authentic Viking village and individuals that portray Vikings as they would have been in their own time. Here, you can attempt archery or observe soldiers practice combat.

Shopping is also an excellent recreational activity at the festival. A wide variety of stalls that sell souvenirs, medieval clothing, medieval jewelry, and arts and crafts are open to browse all day. Food and drink stalls are available as well. Guests can enjoy such Viking delights as roasted hog and mead.

The experience of the Viking Age is furthered by the addition of traditional Viking music performed by live musicians. Historians and professionals regularly give highly entertaining lectures regarding ancient Viking weaponry and life that can educate you even more deeply on matters of the past. There is also a costume contest that guests can participate in to see who is the most enthusiastic Viking of the entire festival.

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