Posted 30 Aug 2011

All year round there is plenty of things to see in Prague, however it’s only in September, residents of the city of Prague, as well as any visitors to the area, gather together to celebrate St. Wenceslas. As patron saint of the entire country, no other figure is so revered in the Czech culture. The festivities taken place throughout the city in varying venues, and is a beautiful and exciting celebration as the weather turns from the heat of the summer to the cool autumn that hints at winter. If you are planning on attending this event in September and need a hotel then check Jurys Inn Prague.

The St. Wenceslas Music Festival in Prague consists of musical performances taking place throughout the city. Many traditional Christian works are performed, alongside Orthodox and Jewish music as well. It is perhaps difficult to understand just how many churches exist within the capital city of Prague. The events take place in countless destinations, some large and some small. Whether you want to see a giant performance in a cathedral, or a poignant cell solo in an ancient chapel, the St. Wenceslas Music Festival truly has it all.

Some of the 2011 St. Wenceslas Music Festivals venues include the 13th century Convent of St. Agnes, the 13th century St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica within the Royal Palace and many more. For the best enjoyment, come to the location of each performance early, to get an idea about the location and history of the site in which it will be performed. This historical background can help the music to truly come alive.

Aside from live performances, the St. Wenceslas Music Festival also boasts lectures and exhibitions about music. While most of the speakers are Czech, there are several international composers who many speak or lead discussion, in which case the talks and panels might be undertaken in English.

Generally, the musical pieces are written by Czech composers. However, on special anniversaries, international pieces might be performed to inspire new artists and celebrate traditional music. The 2011 St. Wenceslas Music Festival of Prague officially kicks off on the second of September with a traditional music performance, and runs until the second of October

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