Posted 30 Aug 2011
September in Dublin is a busy time with festivals, not only do we have Arthur’s Day 2011 but the Fringe Festival which is a 16 day festival of theatre, comedy, music, dance, and spectacle takes place in Dublin from September 10-25, 2011. This year marks the 17th anniversary of the event, which features over 100 different events held in more than 40 venues across Dublin, showcasing some of the newest, freshest creative talent from Ireland and around the globe. Some interesting, unique, and innovative shows take place at Fringe Festival, offering artists the chance to share and interact with their audience. There's something for everyone, and the festival seeks to showcase daring creative works that impact, move and invigorate all those who attend Fringe Festival 2011. Unlike many Fringes that take place internationally, the Fringe Festival in Dublin is a wholly curated festival. The organizers take great pride in that, and it shows in the production of the festival. A festival not to be missed, and if you are attending then check out the Jurys Inn range of hotels in Dublin.

There are so many interesting and original shows to choose from that it can be difficult to decide what to do. Of course, date, location, and cost are always deciding factors, but beyond that, it's all about personal preference. Fringe Festival's website lists every single event scheduled for the festival, and also offers helpful tips for those new to Fringe Festival. They offer an overview of the variety of shows available at the festival, packaging them into categories such as "Comedy", "Girls Night Out", "International", "Gay Interest", "Outdoor", "One Night Only", "Unusual Venue", "Free", and many more. Of course, all events are open to anyone interested in seeing them, but for those looking for specific events or hoping to have a specific experience, it's very helpful. The "International" category quite obviously offers up a variety of shows with an international perspective. The "Free" category lists a variety of shows during the festival that are free of charge for guests. Most of the categories are self-explanatory, but give some guidance to those new to the festival, as well as help festival veterans do the difficult task of deciding which shows they're going to see.

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