Milton Keynes Museum

The Milton Keynes Museum gives the chance to explore a number of exciting exhibits, ranging from its Back in Time High Street, where you can see how people would shop in decades gone by, to the Victorian School Experience that lets you immerse yourself in a 19th century education. Visit the Connected Earth attraction to see the history of communication, or have some old-time fun with the enjoyable parlour games that show what entertainment was like in a time before TV.

When you’ve seen the attractions, drop in to the Granary Tea Room for cakes, sandwiches, and hot or cold drinks before trying the gift shop, housing a broad selection of interesting and historical gifts as well as the museum’s own honey and preserve collection. Find Milton Keynes Museum just a ten minute drive from Jurys Inn Milton Keynes.

National Museum of Computing

Located in Bletchley Park, the National Museum of Computing is home to the largest assortment of still-working vintage computers in Europe. Learn about the development of a machine that has become common throughout the world, and see restored versions of some of the most influential computing creations in history, including the Colossus and the Harwell Dekatron. The museum also has a number of galleries where you can study the Colossus, the Tunny, and pieces of historical software.

The galleries are open daily, and the rest of the museum is open on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from 12pm to 4pm in the summer and 5pm in the winter. You can find the National Museum of Computing a 15 minute drive from Jurys Inn Milton Keynes.

Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park is one of Britain’s most iconic destinations for its role in codebreaking during World War II, and today the site lets you explore the place in which history was made. Restored to its 1940s appearance, Bletchley Park now contains a number of exhibits dedicated to its war-time function, the story of codebreaking, the life and works of Alan Turing, and the way of life during World War II. Realistic soundscapes in the museum recreate the atmosphere of Bletchley Park during its hay day, playing sounds of conversation, laughter and other sound effects to bring the grounds to life.

Once you’ve explored the site, find the Hut 4 Café and sample one of their delicious sandwiches, salads, or soups, or drop in for a cold or hot drink at the Visitor Centre Coffee Shop. Bletchley Park’s gift shop offers a number of puzzles, books, and DVDs, as well as a selection of WWII apparel. Find Bletchley Park a 15 minute drive from our Milton Keynes hotel.

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