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Jurys Inns Environment Responsibility

Jurys Inns Group seeks to provide a safe, comfortable and high quality environment for both guests and staff whilst ensuring the availability of reliable sources of energy and water to sustain its activities. The Company will procure and manage these supplies in the most cost effective manner whilst seeking to minimise our Carbon Footprint and Co2 emissions. We will endeavour to prolong the life expectancy of fossil fuel reserves and to deliver a reduction in energy consumption where possible.

Environmental Plan

The Company will retain energy teams in each hotel, it will continue to implement an energy awareness programme, to maintain energy and water reporting procedures endeavour to increase the awareness of energy efficiency amongst its staff and guests and continue to maintain a programme of monitoring and targeting. Every three years, the Company will review its Energy Policy. Since the middle of 2007 the Jurys Inns Group has undergone huge re structuring and further development. However we are mindful of the tremendous expectations from various stakeholders, employees, investors, communities and governments regarding the way in which we conduct business. E.g. include:

  • The Carbon Trust is an independent company funded by the UK Government and has a dedicated wing called Hospitable Climates Programme that all Jurys Inns UK have signed up to. This programme sponsored by the British Department of the Environment to meet EU targets for reduction of green house gases.
  • The use of renewable energy from Airtricity for all Irish Inns in place of fossil fuels makes a significant contribution to reducing the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases.
  • New builds coming on stream will include where possible Heat Recovery Systems, Solar Panels, Rain Water Harvesting, Sensor Lights and Led Bulbs.
  • Jurys Inn Group is proud to announce that we have signed up for the Green Tourism Business Scheme Awards. This prestigious Green Tourism Business Scheme, which was established in 1997, adheres to strict criteria, and members are awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold status in line with meeting the criteria.


  • As a result of our endeavours, we received the Sustainable Energy Ireland National Award for Energy Management in 2006 and the Repak National Award for Waste Management in 2004.
  • In February 2004, IPODEC presented the Recycling award for 2003 to Jurys Inn Christchurch for achieving in excess of 50% recycling for the year.
  • In 2005 we won the National Sustainable Energy Award in the Category of best Integrated Energy Management Programme.
  • During 2007 Jurys Inn Glasgow was awarded Scottish Budget Hotel of the Year, Best Scottish Housekeeper of the Year and a Gold Level Green Tourism Award.
  • In 2007 Jurys Inn Cork received a Green Failte Environmental Award In 2006 Jurys Inn Cork also received a Green Failte Environmental Award and won the best hotel in the city category.
  • In 2005 Jurys Inn Cork was awarded a Silver Green Failte Environmental Award 2007 Glasgow Business Awards for Scottish Water in Sustainable Development was won by Jurys Inn Glasgow.
  • 2008 Jurys Inn Cork, Glasgow, Edinburgh all received a gold star award for their low carbon emissions and green initiatives. The Company was delighted to receive a commendation from the Chambers of Commerce of Ireland for our integrated and holistic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • 2009 the Whole Group has signed up for the Green Tourism Business Scheme Awards. This scheme allows each property to receive accreditation in the form of Bronze, Silver or Gold. for supporting the low emissions and reduction in energy programme

Water Conservation

A major survey on the consumption and treatment of water within our properties has been conducted. We continue to reduce the volumes of water used in our new properties by the introduction of fittings and equipment that eliminates the excessive use of water. These measures range from water-efficient showerheads and toilet cisterns to electronic washroom systems. We have also implemented a study on the potential for use of rainwater under appropriate circumstances.

Water That Is Kinder To The Environment

The EU water directive places a huge responsibility on industry to ensure that discharged water is free of harmful agents such as phosphates and nitrates, which can create an imbalance in our rivers and lakes and threaten the sustainability of fish and plant life. At our Inns, we have introduced a programme of using phosphate-free cleaning materials throughout our kitchen and house-keeping departments. We have also installed automatic dosing systems and energy monitoring on our dish-washing equipment, concentrated detergents and biodegradable packaging.

Energy Conservation

In Jan 2005 we launched a programme to reduce energy consumption by 10% across the group. This was reviewed again in 2008 and it involved the setting up of an energy team at each of our properties and the promotion of energy awareness through our Inns. It has proved a great success and we now benchmark, monitor and distribute the progress of our programme to all our properties, on monthly bases.

Recycling Initiatives

Our waste management programme directs our waste from landfill towards “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle”. Since its inception we have implemented complete waste –management systems at all our Inns in Ireland & UK. We are now extracting hundreds of tons of glass, cardboard, newspapers and aluminium cans from our waste streams and have invested in state of the art equipment for the on-site treatment of organic waste which is prepared and passed for composting. Our results to date show that levels of over 60% recycling have been reached in all our properties and integrated recycling facilities are an important part of all new developments.