James Bolger

James Bolger
Jurys Inn Brighton

Jurys Inn provide all the training needed to carry out my role to an exceptional standard and has great development opportunities in place such as the new GROW initiative, to help employees perform better in their roles. GROW is about delivering a blend of learning solutions that satisfies the need of the individual and the skill that is to be learned and trains employees on such things as how to be a better leader in the workplace, employee relations and many more. What is also good about working for this company is that employees are encouraged to think of new ideas that would speed up or better a particular process; innovation is key. Another example of development opportunities is the Graduate Programme. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has recently finished university or who would like to pursue a career in management.

From my experience within Jurys Inn Brighton, I would say that the company culture is very strong and very well aligned with the goals and objectives of the company. The management team lead by example very effectively, setting example for all employees but also provide the support that is needed for employees to feel like valued members of the team. What is also good about the company culture within Jurys Inn Brighton is that the management team’s door is always open. If any member of staff has a problem, there is always someone who can help them.

Currently, I am working as a member of the Front Office team. As part of the Front Office team you need to be able to anticipate guest’s needs, work within a team effectively, communicate across departments and also recognise regular guests to make them feel a part of the Jurys Inn family.  As you can guess the morning shift will be when guests check out and afternoon when they check in. It is our job on reception to go above and beyond their expectations to make their stay exceptional.  The satisfaction of the guests is the most important thing so I try to help them as much as I can if called upon.

The Graduate Programme so far has been a really good experience. The training provided is second to none with some great trainers. The training received has been appropriate and well aligned to the day to day operations of the hotel industry. Some training sessions that stick out in my mind would be time management and developing training delivery skills. These two sessions are very important in helping a graduate prioritise tasks and also helping them train new and existing employees. The Graduate Programme is very rewarding from the point of view of gaining recognition for work well done. You also get the opportunity to meet the CEO and other senior managers very early on in your career showing that Jurys Inn has a very down to earth philosophy with great emphasis on the managers of the future.

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