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Thames Festival 2010 Sep 07
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The Thames Festival in London is London's largest outdoor arts festival. It is always held in September and this year it will take place on September 11 and 12, 2010. The Thames Festival London commissions art work and creates an artistic landscape on the section of the Thames where it is located. There are street arts, performance arts, carnivals, pyrotechnic displays, exhibitions, river parades, choirs, music, dancing and food. The festival culminates with a night procession that follows the North and South banks of the Thames. After the procession there is a massive fireworks show from the middle of the Thames River itself. The Thames Festival takes place in four different zones along the river Thames. Each zone is the hub of different types of arts and has a different theme.
Zone 1 features a photography competition as well as photography classes. There will also be the New European Village that will highlight the cultures of Hungary, Poland and Romania. The Thames Festival market is open from September 11 to 12 and features food and crafts.
Zone 2 is where the fireworks display will take place on September 12. There will also be a Caribbean inspired Carnival taking place on the night of September 12. There will also be a beach set up with activities and places to relax and dig your toes into the sand.
Zone 3 will feature the Feast on the Bridge on the night of September 11. Here people gather to try food from some of England's best sustainable sources. During the day there will be photography competitions as well as the firing of clay pots using Thames driftwood.
Zone 4 is the site of the Thames Festival's river parade during the day on September 11. The Thames River parade features a variety of classic and antique boats as well as boats used by everyday Londoners on the Thames.
If you are planning on attending the Thames festival, why not check out our London hotels and our list of things to do in London.

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