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Day Of The Republic Prague October 2011 Sep 15 The Day of The Republic in Prague 2011 is one of the biggest events in the Czech Republic held each and every year. The celebration is held on October 28 to commemorate the independence of Czechoslovakia in 1918 from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire following World War One. While the country of Cz ... Ballet and Opera in Prague October 2011 Sep 07 The opera houses in Prague are some of the finest you will find throughout Europe and they present a spectacular variety of opera and ballet productions. There is also a wide selection of beautiful concert halls and churches in Prague, which also present opera and ballet productions at various times ... St. Wenceslas Music Festival in Prague, September 2011 Aug 30 All year round there is plenty of things to see in Prague, however it’s only in September, residents of the city of Prague, as well as any visitors to the area, gather together to celebrate St. Wenceslas. As patron saint of the entire country, no other figure is so revered in the Czech culture ... Three Days in Prague Aug 22 Prague may not be as big a draw as some of the larger cities in Europe, but it’s still a major tourism area worthy of a visit, even for a short three days. Its rich history makes it a popular tourist destination as there are plenty of things to do in Prague . The city is home to many famous cu ... Five Things to See in Prague Aug 18 Prague is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and fortunately didn’t go through much of the destruction that Europe withstood in the 20th century. The city has been a political, economic, and culture centre of Europe for most of its 1,100-year existence, and its architecture and cultural attra ...
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