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The new Jurys fantasy map: ‘The Highlands of Scotland’ Feb 10
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With the fun we had from making and sharing our Sherwood Forest Map last year, we decided to do another. This time though, we’ve gone for a much larger area with a Highlands of Scotland Map!

With a map of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth as reference, Jurys Inn collected details for regions, mountain ranges, towns, nature reserves, lochs, monuments, and more to create this fantasy style map of the Highlands which could be straight of the The Hobbit story.

Highlands Map

Original Map of Middle Earth | Source:

We’ve created a map that people can download and print it if they wish… and of course there’s the flexible ‘blog size’ for anyone that would like to embed it on their site. 

Scotland is an enchanting country bursting with beautiful cities and towns, awe-inspiring landscapes, and a myriad of smooth, rich, and delectable whiskeys. Journeying from any one of the large cities into the heart of the Highlands offers a truly remarkable experience of breath-taking mountain ranges and Scottish charm.

So with your trusty Highlands map in tow, embark on a fantasy adventure to wrestle the Loch Ness monster, undertake a Ben Nevis quest, or duel with a castle knight for an exciting voyage away from bustling cities and the daily grind.

Staying at any one of our Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen hotels offers a relaxing travel break as well as the opportunity to discover the city, so don’t miss out on the full Scottish experience.  Interested in visiting the Scottish Highlands?  Check out the Jurys Inn Guide to.. Scotlands' Highlands for more information on things to see and do in the Scottish Highlands.

Scotland, infographic, Highlands
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