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London Jazz Festival 2015 Oct 22
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A diverse and important global economic centre, London is one of the most visited city in the world and one the reasons is its rich cultural offering. London's culture is home not only to countless new rock, punk, and pop acts, but also symphonies, conservatories, and many more. The London Jazz Festival is one of the more unique musical events in London's calendar. A few weeks after the 2015 Cork Jazz Festival, the London Jazz Festival 2015 promises to capitalize on jazz musical talents worldwide.

History of the London Jazz Festival

The London Jazz Festival emerged from a long standing music festival in Camden that featured a segment called Jazz Week. In 1992, the Camden Festival was forced to close its doors. Not wanting to lose Jazz Week, the London Arts Board transitioned Jazz Week into the London Jazz Festival. Initially small and focused in North London, the London Jazz Festival quickly grew into a London-wide, then international jazz extravaganza. At the heart of the London Jazz Festival was traditionally education, an aspect which wasn't forgotten as the festival expanded. Both local and international jazz performers educate crowds about the musical evolution of jazz and its various manifestations.

The London Jazz Festival 2015

The London Jazz Festival 2015 will be held between November 13th and November 22nd. It features an array of diverse jazz traditions ranging from Gypsy to Flamenco. This year's festival focuses particularly on French, Scottish and Danish jazz. It also showcases the major influencing factors of jazz in the United Kingdom, namely Latin and Cuban Jazz music. There will be more than 250 events, a quarter of which are free. The London Jazz Festival 2015 features not only live performances, but workshops and classes that explore jazz theory and history. Although jazz performances are available through BBC radio, the best way to experience the London Jazz Festival 2015 is first-hand.

If you are planning on attending the London Jazz Festival, why not check out our London hotels and our list of things to do in London.

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