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Jurys Innsider Guide: Brighton Aug 24
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Already completed the major monument check-list? Want to avoid the throngs of tourists and experience the city as a local would? Our short Innsider Guides offer handy tips and recommendations for each of our 28 cities from the people who know them best, our staff, who are always on hand to give you the inside scoop during your stay.

Here, Danny Lee, Sales Manager with Jurys Inns provides some insight into the vibrant, seaside city of Brighton where he has been based for 4.5 years.

What are your favourite places in Brighton and why?

I love the Lanes for wandering around as there is everything from coffee shops to antiques so it’s a great way to spend a sunny Sunday. In the summer there is no better place to spend the day than wandering along the beach promenade with hundreds of bars, cafes and art galleries to browse by.   My favourite bar at the moment is the 'Mesmerist' as they have great live music on Friday nights and my favourite place to eat is the 'Giggling Squid'.

The LanesThe Lanes-Brighton by Frank Jepsen on Wikimedia/ CC 2.0 (image size has been modified)

What would you say is Brighton’s best hidden gem or most underrated place?

Without a doubt there are 2 great hidden gems in Brighton. First is the guided tour of the Brighton Sewers. I know it sounds horrid, but they are amazing and worth a visit. Second would be the Booth Natural History Museum. A lovely privately built museum with a great collection of birds, butterfly and bones.

If you had to recommend one place to a tourist visiting Brighton, where would it be?

The Royal Pavilion. Many people don’t realise that you are allowed to visit it but is such a fantastic place. The Royal Dining Room is exceptional. Once you have finished there you can pop across the park and visit the Brighton Museum.

Describe Brighton in 3 words.

Quirky, outrageous, fun

You can follow Danny Lee on Twitter for local Brighton news and the latest in the hospitality industry.

Main image: Brighton Pier at dusk by BaldBoris on Wikimedia/CC 2.0 (image size has been modified)

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