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Galway Comedy Festival 2010 Oct 06
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Galway is the fastest growing city in Ireland. Considered by many to be the cultural heart of Ireland, Galway is home to dozens of music and arts festivals every year. Moreover, Galway is quickly becoming one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, ranked as one of the eight sexiest cities in the world, and 14th best city to tour in Europe. If your travel plans lead you to Galway, don't miss the 5th annual Galway Comedy Festival, which runs from October 20th to October 25th.

Information About the Galway Comedy Festival

Sponsored by Bulmers, the 5th annual Galway Comedy Festival 2010 features what is arguably the best lineup the festival has ever seen. This year's show features 4 Edinburgh Award winners: Canada's Phil Nichol, America's Rich Hall, Ireland's David O'Doherty and Australia's Brendon Burns. It also will be the world premier of 'Who Needs Enemies', a comedic sketch written by Conor Montague. Furthermore, the 2010 Galway Comedy Festival, occurring between October 20th and October 25th, will feature a performance from the well known comedy group 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'. These 5 performers are provided with no script, and rely on their impressive improvisational abilities to create whole comic sketches and dramas. This year's festival also features John Cooper Clarke, a prominent British performance punk poet who has opened for bands such as the Sex Pistols.

At the Galway Comedy Festival, each day is jam packed with performances. Events are ticketed separately, so you can easily stay for the whole festival, or just for a day or two. Discounted airline ticketing and hotel accommodations are available through the Galway Comedy Festival's organizers. Paypal is the preferred method of payment for all events, airline tickets and hotels.

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