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Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour | Literary Pub Tour Edinburgh Sep 24
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The delightful literary pub tour is a highlight of Edinburgh, Scotland. This tour takes the form of an impassioned intellectual debate between two fictional characters as you're guided through Edinburgh's many historical pubs. The tours simultaneously highlight many of Edinburgh's most significant sites as well as its literary history.

Edinburgh's Historical Geography

Edinburgh is separated into two segments. The first, Old Town, has a city plan that is preserved from medieval times. Many of Old Town's buildings are from the Reformation era. The centerpiece of Old Town is a massive castle perched high on a hill. The second, New Town, was built in the 18th century due to space limitations in Old Town. New Town's design is more similar to contemporary cities.

Edinburgh's Literary History

Edinburgh's literary history goes back to the Scottish Enlightenment. Edinburgh is home to David Hume, the most important philosophical skeptic of all time, as well as Adam Smith, the father of political economy. Moreover, Edinburgh is home to famous fiction writers Robert Louis Stevenson, James Boswell, Sir Walter Scott, JK Rowling and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Literary Pub Tour Edinburgh

Edinburgh's literary pub tour highlights both Edinburgh's historical geography and literary history while simultaneously entertaining participants. Clart and McBrain, the two fictional guides, engage in intellectual conversation about 300 years of Edinburgh's literary history. Clart and McBrain will take you from pub to pub, through the streets of both Old Town and New Town. You'll be amazed by the depth of their knowledge as well as their wit. You can participate in Edinburgh's literary pub tour until 30/9/2010. The tour generally takes about 2 hours. If you're in Edinburgh, don't miss out on this great experience.

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