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Dublin Horse Show | History and Information Aug 19
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The Dublin Horse Show is a celebration of Ireland's love of horses. Its events are divided into two main categories: horse jumping and showing horses. The event takes place during August and is one of the largest and most popular events in Ireland. Over 10,000 people from all over the world visit the Dublin Horse Show each year.

Dublin Horse Show History

The first Dublin Horse Show was held in 1864 with 366 horses taking part. The first show was mainly concerned with showing horses but did feature several horse jumping demonstrations. Horse jumping became an official competition in the show in 1869. Mules were also shown at the first Dublin Horse Show. Today, the show is the largest equestrian event in Ireland. It offers the third largest prize pool for horse jumping in the world.

Dublin Horse Show Information

The Dublin Horse Show spans five full days. Each day is filled with unique events and competitions. One of the most popular events at the Dublin Horse Show is Blossom Hill Ladies' Day. This is a fashion competition that rewards the best dressed woman with a trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Dublin Horse Show offers tickets for a single day or for the entire event. Hospitality packages are provided for businesses to entertain clients or to host large family gatherings. You can choose to purchase either general admission or seated tickets. General admission tickets give you access to the Dublin Horse Show grounds but do not provide you with a seat in the main competition area. The seated tickets provide the same access as the general admission tickets, but they guarantee you a seat in the competition area.

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