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Dublin Fringe Festival 2010 Sep 07
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The term Fringe Festival refers to festivals that showcase either non-mainstream or up-and-coming artists of all sorts. The Dublin Fringe Festival in Dublin, Ireland is one of the largest fringe festivals in the world. Open to both local and international artists, the Dublin Fringe Festival spans 16 days and showcases a wide range of artistic talent.

History of the Dublin Fringe Festival
Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and has a vast and rich artistic history. Prominent literary figures Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde did most of their work in Dublin. Furthermore, many prominent theatrical figures have emerged from Dublin's scene. The Dublin Theater Festival emerged from Dublin's rich theatrical culture. The Dublin Fringe Festival originated in 1995 as a part of the Dublin Theater Festival. It was created to promote the work of lesser-known theater company productions. The Dublin Fringe Festival quickly grew in popularity. This led to it becoming an unassociated festival in 2006. Venues for performances are decided based on what seems most suitable. They range from cafes and theaters to boardwalks and even public buses. Past festivals popularised well known artists Mark O'Rowe, Enda Walsh and Conor McPherson.

Fringe Festival 2010 Dublin
The 2010 Dublin Fringe Festival runs from the 11th of September to 26th of September. The 2010 festival features an array of lesser known but highly talented artists showcasing their abilities. Artistic categories include: Theatre Comedy Music Dance Spectacle
Artists at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2010 hope their performances will popularize their work. This year's festival has many promising acts that will entertain virtually everyone. The Fringe Festival 2010 Dublin will give you a taste of Dublin's vibrant artistic culture. Even if you don't enjoy theater, there will be something for you at the Dublin Fringe Festival. If you're planning to visit Dublin in September 2010, don't miss the Dublin Fringe Festival.
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