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Refreshing Recipes for Wimbledon This Summer Jun 02 As the British summer heat hits in full swing, it’s clear that Wimbledon is on the way! Now in its 138th year, the legendary tennis tournament is the perfect opportunity to relax in the shade while watching exciting and nail biting sports. And what better way to cool off as you enjoy tennis at ... Summer Bliss: Five Perfect Picnic Parks in Sheffield May 28 Summer Bliss: Five Perfect Picnic Parks in SheffieldSheffield Park – platinumportfolio / CCBY (image size has been modified)We can all feel it - summer is just around the corner! Sunny warm days are the perfect time for exploring outdoors and taking advantage of the many beautiful parks in the ... A Great Escape: Top Father’s Day Activities For 2015 May 25 Falling on June 21st this year, Father’s Day is right around the corner! Plan a special day for your much loved father and/or partner (if your kids are young), and peruse our selection of top activities. Enjoy a break this June and embark on a Father’s Day Great Escape adventure…F ... How To Survive Festival Season May 21 It’s that time of year again… time to channel your inner Kate Moss, ditch your sandals and don your wellies, plait your hair to make it crinkly like you used to do when you were 7 and stick plastic flowers in said crinkly hair to complete the look. That’s right, it’s festiva ... An A-museuing Day Out! May 15 Did you know that Ireland is home to the smallest doll in the world? Or where to go to find out if you’re related to the ancient kings and queens of Ireland? If not, you’re not alone!Our recent research has identified that one in four Irish people have visited more landmarks abroad than ...
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