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Twycross Zoo - Birmingham Feb 22
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Families travelling to Birmingham can venture just outside the city limits to visit Twycross Zoo for a day of fun and new discoveries. This remarkable zoo is one of the most popular animal attractions in England. The location is easy to reach from any of the hotels in Birmingham. Pathways throughout the zoo lead guests to many interesting and unique forms of animal species. Many of the exhibits are perfectly suited for even the youngest children to enjoy.

The Animals

Many forms of captivating wildlife are showcased within the zoo. This attraction has one of the largest collections of primates in the world. There are different types of aquatic life, birds and elephants for visitors to observe. There are a number of endangered species living within the zoo, including the rarely seen Amur leopard. Classic farm animals, such as goats and chickens, can also be seen living in the zoo. A visit to the reptile exhibits can give visitors an insight into the mysterious world of snakes.


People can come to the zoo and also witness daily feedings of certain animals. This gives visitors an idea as to what encompasses an animal’s diet. Feedings of animals, such as sea lions, penguins and elephants, are quite popular attractions for guests visiting the zoo.


In addition to showcasing some of the most fascinating animals in the world, the zoo also offers education programmes for children and adults. Many schools travel to this zoo for an educational school trip. People taking these classes can learn more about the natural world around them. They can also be taught the basics of the zoo community and the care of animals. These programmes are taught by knowledgeable guides who can cater the sessions to accommodate the learning needs of everyone.

A visit to Twycross Zoo is highly recommended for families staying in nearby Birmingham hotels. This zoo can provide an enriching and amusing experience for the entire family. Visitors can gain a deeper insight and form a greater appreciation of sacred wildlife and the environment around them. Twycross Zoo can provide an experience of fun and great memories to last a lifetime.

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