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Places to visit in Glasgow 2011 Oct 19
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Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, offers visitors much to see and do. Renowned for its astounding architecture, wealth of landmarks and historical sites and multitude of cultural attractions, Glasgow provides a fascinating look into Scotland today. From medieval history to modern nightlife, Glasgow has it all. With so much to do and see, it’s impossible to become bored in this vibrant and beautiful city. Visitors to Glasgow will find everything from historic neighborhoods to world class theatres and museums to plentiful shopping and dining opportunities. Fine Glasgow hotels , a beautiful city and plenty of attractions leave little reason not to visit. Set amongst the rugged yet beautiful Scottish landscape, a visit to Glasgow is a history lesson and modern cosmopolitan experience all in one. Few cities on Earth can match its dynamism, fascinating history and rich culture.

Glasgow is located in central Scotland on the banks of the River Clyde. Once an industrial powerhouse, Glasgow today boasts a diverse economy and a wide array of tourist attractions. The city is easily accessible by air, train and car.

Glasgow is home to a wealth of landmarks and interesting attractions. Chief among them are the beautiful Glasgow Cathedral and City Chambers. Another top attraction is the Glasgow School of Art, one of Britain’s most prestigious art schools and home to some of Glasgow’s finest artwork.

History and culture buffs will be pleased by Glasgow’s vast array of museums and cultural institutions. These include the Gallery of Modern Art, the Burrell Collection, the Glasgow Science Center, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery and McLellan Galleries. Historic sites in Glasgow include The Tall Ship and the Antonine Wall.

Glasgow also sports many great theaters and parks such as the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, the Clyde Auditorium, the King’s Theatre, The Pavilion, Kelvingrove Park and Victoria Park. Nightlife, shopping and dining are also plentiful in Glasgow.

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