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Manchester Utd and Manchester City football fixtures in May 2011 Apr 27
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Sports fans looking to experience a memorable evening in Manchester should look no further than the city's two football juggernauts, Manchester United and Manchester City FC. During the month of May, visitors will be able to catch four separate football matches in Manchester.

May 8: Manchester Utd vs. Chelsea

After a difficult encounter with Chelsea in the Champions' League quarter-final, Chelsea will return to Old Trafford to face Manchester Utd on May 8. Sir Alex Ferguson is attempting to keep the club battling in two different competitions and will urge the likes of Rooney and Nani to spur a crucial win in the Premiership to decide the 2010/2011 Premiersip season.

May 22: Manchester United vs. Blackpool

In their final home game of the season, Manchester Utd will face Blackpool and Manchester Utd will hope that this is the match that seals their 19th Premiership title. The match will be equally important for Blackpool who have struggled since gaining promotion to the Premiership and need any points they can to keep them out of the relegation zone.

May 1: Manchester City vs. West Ham Utd

With Manchester City currently 4th in the table and West Ham Utd currently bottom of the table, Manchester City would hope this fixture will guarantee them three points. However, as the bottom three sides are so evenly placed in points, West Ham will be battling for survival by gaining any points they can get from this fixture.

May 10: Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspurs

Tottenham Hotspurs come to Manchester City as their main competition for the 4th Champions League qualification place and this should be a very tight and competitive fixture. Both sides have a lot of attacking quality and it should be an entertaining fixture.

May 17: Manchester City vs. Stoke City

Stoke City come to Manchester City's grounds a few places away from the relegation zone but not a comfortable away so they will try and get any points they can from this fixture. For Manchester City, this will be their final game of the season and one they will want to end the season on a high note.

If you're looking to visit Manchester to see any of Manchester Utd.'s or Manchester City's fixtures, check out Jurys Inns range of hotels in Manchester.

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