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Guinness Storehouse - Dublin Mar 29
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People should check out the Guinness Storehouse during their family breaks in Dublin. This unique destination is the number one tourist attraction in Ireland. In fact, more than four million guests have toured the Guinness Storehouse. During their tour, visitors learn about the history and process of making famous Irish brew.

For those who are looking for a place to stay, there are some wonderful hotels in Dublin. Many of these hotels are located near the heart of the St. James Gate Brewery.

A journey starts at the bottom of the world’s largest pint glass. After that, there are seven floors to be explored. The tour ends when visitors reach the Gravity Bar. Here, guests are treated with a complimentary pint of Guinness. While at the Gravity Bar, people will witness breathtaking panoramic views of Dublin and its outskirts.

When going floor by floor, visitors get to see history in the making. The bottom level is a glass atrium. On this floor, guests can read the 9,000-year lease that Arthur Guinness signed when he started the business. On another level, there is a show that gives step-by-step instructions on how the brew is made. This show teaches people how only four ingredients are made into a perfect brew.

Tour guides also show a film that demonstrates how wooden barrels transport beer all over the world. After the film, guests are even led to a transportation site. This is the site that has transported Guinness to more than 150 different countries.

If a person wants to learn how to become a beer connoisseur, the tasting laboratory is the place to be. This relatively new addition allows guests to taste beer from the keg line. With help from the professional tasting team, visitors learn how to pour a perfect pint. The dining hall on the fifth floor is a great place to take a break. Visitors can sit back and relax while enjoying famous beef stew. This break area also offers spectacular views of the St. James Gate Brewery.

Throughout the tour, the history of advertising is celebrated. There is even an advertising gallery that contains popular Guinness icons. For instance, the famous toucan is a commercial that always brings a smile to people’s faces. When the day is done, guests arrive back on the ground floor. Here, they can buy items from the gift shop. It is a great place to purchase memorabilia for the family.

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