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Bletchley Park Has Many Incredible Attractions Mar 08
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Bletchley Park is in the town of Milton Keynes located in England's southeastern county of Buckinghamshire. Nearly 80 kilometers northwest from London; the town offers parks, planted forests of green trees and a network of cycleways. Those planning a stay can find comfortable bed and breakfasts as well as a wide range of hotels in Milton Keynes at reasonable rates. The fascinating historic site called Bletchley Park is situated on Sherwood Drive. The Victorian manor on this estate was an intelligence headquarters and decryption establishment during World War II, and today the property is a fascinating museum complex with different activities and exhibitions.

The Manor and the Computers

Bletchley Park has two main parts that include the historic site for code breaking and intelligence as well as the place where modern computers were developed. Following the guided tour is highly recommended, especially first-time visitors.

After the war, much of the secret blueprints and intelligence equipment was destroyed and the people who had worked at Bletchley Park kept silent regarding the amazing work that took place on this property. The complex changed hands and had different prestigious owners like Government Communications Headquarters, and it was also a specialized college for engineers.

Today besides the extraordinary Victorian manor that was the site for decryption and is set up much as it was during World War II, the complex houses the modern National Museum of Computing. The venue shows the work of mathematicians on computer from the 1940s. A re-built Colossus computer is displayed as well as other original computers.

Other Attractions

The complex holds a wealth of remarkable British history and many attractions like these:

Bletchley Park Garage - Built for the numerous vehicles that came each day into Bletchley Park during WWII, the garage has many incredibly well-kept period vehicles. Car tools and displayed fuel prices from the 1940s are also interesting.

Bletchley Park Post Office - The mail room that was once a secret is now open to the public. Art and history with a twist are found in this intriguing space that shows how mail was handled at the location during the war.

The Churchill Collection - Much Churchill memorabilia is on exhibit. In the exhibition is a fantastic slate bust of Winston Churchill created by Stephen Kettle.

Projected Picture Trust - Vintage war films and show reels are shown in the Enigma Cinema. Original cinema equipment lets people see how British cinema used to work. A good collection of historic film-related items are shown.

Some of the further attractions are as follows:

  • 65th Nachrichten Abteilung
  • Children's Corner
  • Home Front Display
  • Maritime Display
  • Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society
  • Model Railway
  • Pigeons at War
  • Toys and Memorabilia Collection

Milton Keynes
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