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A World of Chocolate Fun Awaits at Cadbury World Feb 19
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Located in the second largest city in the UK, Cadbury World presents a wealth of experiences in Birmingham. With a range of lovely Birmingham Hotels in which to stay, a trip to Cadbury World is an adventure for the whole family. Easily accessible by rail or automobile, there is something for everyone, from shopping to the renown arts in Birmingham. The Cadbury Brothers originally built their factory in Bournbrook and later expanded and improved it to form Bournville Village. Today one can walk around the area, which is a five minute walk from Cadbury World.

With the fun of time travel back 1000 years, the Aztec Jungle is an experience to remember. Walking through the rainforest of the Mayan Indians, one learns how the cocoa tree influenced the Mayan culture; the favorite drink of Aztec Emperor Montezuma was chocolatl. You'll learn about the bringing of cocoa beans to Europe and watch a 3D story of the voyage of cocoa on a Spanish galleon.

Bull Street offers the experience of the street where John Cadbury first opened his shop in 1824. Explore the replica of the original street.

Learn more about how chocolate is made, manufactured and packaged, then proceed to Cadabra, where a Beanmobile offers a gentle ride through a chocolate wonderland of magical characters. Demonstrations of how chocolate is tempered and shaped can be enjoyed by the children and adults alike.

Purple Planet is an interactive exhibit where one can grow their own cocoa beans and where it rains virtual chocolate. A view of oneself made out of chocolate highlights this state-of-the-art exhibit.

Stop in at the world's biggest chocolate shop, where you can stock up on mementos of your visit. A wide range of chocolate products, some handmade, are found here.

At Essence, one can travel back in time to discover how Cadbury Dairy Milk was formulated. Enjoy a taste of the warm chocolate milk on popcorn, marshmallows or biscuits.

Top off your adventure for the children with a visit to African Adventure Play Area, with its slides, climbing zones and rope bridges.

There is so much to see and do at Cadbury World, and your trip will be highlighted by one of many unique Birmingham hotels in which to relax and be pampered after a hard day of chocolate.

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