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C’mere Till I Tell Ya! A Guide to the 15 Most Misunderstood Irishisms Mar 12
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With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we reached out to our guests and hotel staff to figure out some of the most misunderstood Irishisms. If you’re visiting Ireland this Paddy’s Day, check in to our hotels in Belfast, Cork, Galway or Dublin and check out our essential Guide to Irishisms so you can keep up with the locals!

1. Cop on
- common sense
Will you cop yourself on!

2. What are you having?
– What would you like to drink?
I’m heading up to the bar, what are you having?

3. Yer man or yer woman/one
– that guy or that woman
You know yer one in that film?

4. A gas ticket
– a very funny person
Yer man is a gas ticket!

5. Fair play
– well done
I heard Jim passed his driving test. Fair play to him.

6. Craic
– fun, pronounced ‘crack’
The craic was mighty in the pub last night!

7. What’s the story? What’s the craic? / Well?
– How are you?
Haven’t seen you in ages, what’s the craic?!

8. Any sca?
– Any gossip/scandal?
I heard you went to Sandra’s 30th the other night. Any sca?

9. Go 'way outta that
– a term used to convey disbelief or displeasure with something
I spotted a UFO last night.
Go ‘way outta that!
I’m going to look after the bill for dinner.
Go ‘way outta that! You will not!

10. Grand
– fine, no problem
Would you like a cup of tea?
No I’m grand thanks

11. A dose
– a bad illness, usually a cold, cough or the flu or an annoying person

I was out of work last week with a terrible dose, couldn’t get out of bed!
Yer man is an awful dose.

12. Scarlet/morto
– really embarrassed
I tripped on my way onto the bus this morning. I was morto!

13. The jacks
– the bathroom
I’m dying for the jacks!

14. A cute hoor
– a very resourceful individual, often at the cost of others
I gate-crashed a wedding over the weekend with Pat and we drank for free all night!
Ye cute hoor ye!

15. Yoke
– anything, object, person or otherwise
Mary, would you pass me that yoke over there next to the telly?

What do you think is the most misunderstood Irishism?
Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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