News & Events | Posted 07 Apr 2017

We're all aware of the importance of a healthy workplace. A never ending supply of office pastries and an increase in desk-based jobs means our waistlines and our overall health can take a hit.


So for World Health Day, we've outlined a few tips to inject a little healthy activity into your next business meeting or event. The outcome? Better concentration, a more motivated team and generation of bigger ideas. Everybody wins.



Ensure your delegates have a plentiful supply of water throughout the day. You may choose to serve bottled water during breaks, or provide each guest with a bottle when seated to enjoy throughout the event. Get creative if you like - brand it with your company logo, serve water in themed bottles to match your event, or add fruit for a little flair!

“Hydration Bottles”
by Rubbermaid Products is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Ensure your guests have the opportunity to get up and stretch their legs frequently. Sitting for long periods will make them feel sluggish, leading to a lack in concentration. So regular breaks to get out of their seats will ensure they return feeling fresh and focussed.



Snacks are great for curbing hunger pangs, making delegates feel comfortable and boosting brainpower. Serve small pots of nuts or position fruit bowls around the room so that guests can help themselves.



To get your guests moving, consider including a showaround of the venue at some point during the day. Not only will the venue be grateful to be showcased, but you'll get sluggish bodies up and active before you return to business.


Consider including activities in your conference or event that will encourage delegates to move about. Perhaps an icebreaker to start the day, or a practical problem-solving exercise that involves standing.


However you choose to incorporate a little healthy activity into your business meeting or event, you'll reap the rewards when your delegates leave feeling revived, motivated and fully focussed on the topics covered throughout the day.


Happy World Health Day!

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