Travel | Posted 29 Aug 2012

Business and air travellers have spawned a whole new stream of consciousness with the emergence of suitcase psychology, and apparently both your luggage and what’s in it says a lot about your personality.

Research released by Virgin Atlantic in August showed that the travel cases we carry and what we pack in them reveal a lot about the type of travellers we are. The research even claimed that it can show the type of person we are.

The survey found that a whopping one in five of us can’t remember when we bought new luggage, and more than half, 55%, would only change the luggage if it was worn out of broken.

Virgin Atlantic didn’t delve into the composition of that 55% but we reckon business travellers would be among those who like to maintain kempt luggage.

It’s all about the designer cases these days, with flyers willing to spend large amounts of cash on having a little logo on their luggage.

Many of us can’t afford to replicate stars with their ‘luggage to suit every outfit’ (for proof of this check out pictures of Victoria Beckham disembarking from planes), but having one statement piece can make us feel that little bit more important.

Business travellers tend to opt for the more sedate luggage but if you’re a celeb or holiday traveller you could get away with a huge splash of colour. Virgin Atlantic tell us that this makes you an attention-seeking, dramatic traveller, highlighting Chantelle Houghton of Big Brother fame and Kerry Katona as two examples.

The holdall implicates someone who can pack light and is practical in their travel, and these tend to be the most seasoned of travellers, says Virgin, pointing to Prince Harry and Angelina Jolie as celebrities preferring the holdall.

And the corporate case isn’t confined to just business travellers, apparently. Virgin tells us it is the most popular among its upper class passengers and with celebs such as Cheryl Cole and Sharon Osborne.

We here at Jurys Inn would like to throw our two-cents into the debate by saying we think it isn’t what’s on the outside that matters, but what’s on the inside. Make sure you pack enough items to do you for the duration of your trip, including toiletries and any medication. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember that if you do forget it there are most likely shops where you’re going or staff at Jurys Inn may be able to help!

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