Travel | Posted 28 Nov 2014

Ever left something behind at a hotel? Well you’re not alone, because Jurys Inn has discovered over 65,000 forgotten items in its 28 city centre hotels this year alone! On average, guests are leaving behind 40 items in every hotel every week, so to crack down on our forgetful habits, the hotel group has ranked some of the most commonly forgotten items and how to avoid leaving them behind.



We’ve all been there. You’re half way across the country (or up in the air) when you realise your charger is still plugged into the wall in your hotel room.

According to Jurys, the best way to combat this is to put the charger cable on top of something you definitely won’t forget before you leave, like your wallet. When you reach for your moola before you check out you’ll be less likely to forget your charger as well.



Keys are incredibly useful in our day-to-day lives but we struggle to find a place for them when we’re on holiday. In the hoopla of rearranging what to keep in our bags and pockets, keys can often find their way into the open air of a hotel room, making them more easily left behind.

Jurys says, do yourself a favour, and zip your keys into an inside pocket in your handbag or briefcase and leave them there until you get home.

Money & Jewellery


While it’s always nice to leave some money behind to tip the housekeeping staff, you would be surprised at how many people leave more substantial amounts behind by mistake, or worse still, valuables like wedding rings, by forgetting to look in the safe before check-out.

The experts in Jurys say that one sure fire way not to forget to check the safe is to put something in there that you absolutely will not leave without, like one of your shoes. You’d soon remember to look inside it if you found yourself hobbling down to reception with one shoe on!


Everyone loves to, ahem, “sample” the range of shampoos, conditioners and soaps usually on offer at hotels. However when it comes to our own hair and skincare products, they are all too easily left behind in the shower when we check-out.

Want a top tip from Jurys? The last time you have a shower in the room, bring all of your toiletries out with you and leave them next to the sink where you can see them. You’ll remember them when you brush your teeth!


Yes, that’s right. Forgetting our underwear is up there with toiletries as one of the items most commonly discovered by housekeeping staff after check-out. The über organised amongst us pack away our unmentionables once we check-in, but this neatness will come back to haunt you on check-out…

Want to avoid making the next leg of your journey sans-underwear? The team in Jurys recommend doing a full sweep of the room before you leave and looking in all of the drawers and wardrobes.



It’s always a good thing when you can actually see the sights when you are on holiday! Losing your glasses (even if it’s just your sunglasses) on the first stop of a trip is therefore NOT a recipe for fun.

Jurys recommends putting your glasses in your bag when you’re finished using them rather than leaving them out – a clear cut recipe for a blurry trip away.

False teeth

This is maybe more of a trend amongst lone travellers for obvious reasons but the housekeeping staff at Jurys Inn have seen their fair share of fake gnashers left behind in rooms.

Outside of taking a look in the mirror before you leave, make sure to interact with front desk staff and other guests when you check-out. If you notice a few

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