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Got a big meeting coming up? Business travel can be hectic at the best of times, so follow our tips to arrive in fighting form!

Business trips always carry great importance as they present golden opportunities for your company to grow, and as we’re well aware, oftentimes a business trip will involve a major pitch to prospective clients. With the company financing a trip and future promotions at stake, presenting the big pitch can be a nerve racking experience. So what’s the key to winning prospective clients over? The trick to a successful pitch is coming in well prepared, well-rested and refreshed. A wide awake and enthusiastic person will win over the client- a sluggish person will not.

The Night Before

Staying close to the client is a must. You’re hardly going to be in your prime if you’ve suffered a 3.30am wake up and 4 hour drive to the meeting location. With this in mind, select a hotel that caters to the business traveller; one that provides you with the comfort you deserve while keeping costs down to a level that you and your company can afford. Take advantage of on-site facilities or partner facilities if you can. Some hotels may not have a fitness suite on location but will have agreements with local leisure centres. Sweat out all that nervousness and go to sleep after a thorough workout. You'll sleep better and wake up refreshed. In the morning, take a good walk to de-stress before the meeting.

Take advantage of the hotel's concierge service or reception staff to provide directions or help you out with taxi bookings. A great hotel will have staff present to help and can give recommendations on good places to eat or enjoy your time outside the meeting. A business trip can be like a mini-vacation, so take advantage of the time to see the sights!

Go to bed early enough to allow for a full night's rest. If you often have trouble falling asleep there's no substitute for having your big pitch all prepared before you even pack your bags. There's nothing like waking up tossing and turning because you're not prepared, or worse, finishing things up the night before.

The Big Day

Looking, feeling and performing your best starts with a great breakfast. Hotels for business travellers offer more than just a packaged pastry and a cup of coffee. Fresh fruit and a continental breakfastare often part of a complimentary breakfast, and most hotels for business travellers will offer a little more in their restaurant.Start the day with a power breakfast and you won’t look back.

Have your transportation arranged the night before so all you have to do is mentally prepare yourself without outside distractions.

Jury's Inn Hotels are a top destination for business travellers because we make your comfort our top priority. Don't cut corners on a hotel you can't rely on. The day of the big pitch is important, so why would you trust the night before to anyone else? Click here to read more about what we offer for the business traveller.

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