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Whether you’re running a small business or you're part of a worldwide business conglomerate, odds are that you need your iPhone to help keep track of your daily business tasks. Apple’s iPhone technology has allowed large and small software developers to create thousands of different apps to help improve all aspects of your business lifestyle. Here are the top 5 business iPhone apps:


Millions of small and medium sized businesses perform all of their work almost exclusively on the online Basecamp tool. Encamp is essentially a Basecamp app for the iPhone. Encamp contains all the familiar tools found in Basecamp including projects, task lists, milestones, announcements and real time activity updates. Any extra files within your business’ Basecamp site can also be accessed on Encamp, so you can open up any type of business document on the go.


Evernote is essentially an electronic sticky note pad. The easy-to-use iPhone app allows you to make text, picture and voice notes with extreme efficiency. Best of all, every piece of Evernote information you make can be transferred to the standard Evernote program available on PC and Mac systems. The Evernote app is a must have for anyone who always needs to keep track of bits of information on a consistent basis.


BizExpense is an absolutely necessary iPhone app for anyone who has to keep track of business expenses. Whether you’re making a virtual paper trail of all expenses for your own business or tracking travel expenses for your boss, BizExpense lets you keep track of every dollar spent. Expenses can be sorted by categories such as travel, lodging, date, meals and miscellaneous. BizExpense also lets you create separate profiles for employer, employees, clients and customers.

FlightTrack Pro

FlightTrack is the best business app companion for those who are used to being in a different time zone on a regular basis. FlightTrack Pro is connected to the FAA so you get the latest information on airport delays, closures and weather forecasts. You can add multiple trip itineraries for you and your workmates that are tracked by the iPhone app from departure time to arrival.

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite

Quickoffice Connect allows you to create, edit and transfer Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents without using your standard computer. The Quickoffice iPhone app contains all of the critical Word and Excel tools you need in order to keep track of your business documents. The app lets you quickly move documents into email attachments and an advanced notepad editor.

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