Posted 16 Nov 2015

In recent years, Nottingham has become a centre of artistic expression for people all over the country. Home to an assortment of art galleries, museums, and theatres, as well as several architectural masterpieces and a pulsing social scene, Nottingham is the place to visit for an enjoyable and educational experience.

Two Galleries

Nottingham ContemporaryNottingham Contemporary by John Lord/CCYB (Image size has been modified)

Focus Gallery

Established in 1971, Nottingham’s Focus Gallery is home to a collection of unique arts and crafts, ranging from jewellery and ceramics to photography and paintwork. The Gallery also offers an arts and crafts workshop where you can go to work on your own creations, either for yourself or as a special gift, with a number of different courses available for you to enjoy.

Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Contemporary is one of the largest centres for modern art in the country and houses a number of fascinating exhibitions, from Alien Encounters to the visually astounding Abstract Art. A hub for the local social scene, Nottingham Contemporary also offers a number of talks, film screenings, and performances that make it central to the city’s cultural backdrop.

Two Museums

Wollaton HallHome of the fero by Leonardo Barichello/Creative Commons (Image size has been modified)

Nottingham Industrial Museum

Found in Nottingham’s Wollaton Hall, the city’s Industrial Museum offers an insight into the manufacturing heritage of Nottinghamshire. With collections of apparatus dating back to the late 19th century, ranging from textile machinery to mining and engineering technology, the museum tells the story of the industrial production that put Nottingham on the map. The Nottingham Industrial Museum is now owned by the Nottingham City Council, and run by a group of friendly and helpful volunteers.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Nottingham is located in Wollaton Hall, and houses huge displays of zoology, geology, and botany to make up a collection of over 750,000 specimens. Also home to galleries dedicated to birds, insects, and minerals, as well as a visually stunning Africa exhibit, the Natural History Museum gives viewers a fantastic day of education and discovery.

Two History and Heritage Sites

Galleries of JusticeGallery of Justice Nottingham by David Bryce/Creative Commons(Image size has been modified)

Nottingham Castle

Sitting high on Castle Rock, Nottingham Castle is a former royal fortress that now serves as home to an art gallery and museum - the magnificent building showcases several exhibitions of fine art from contemporary artists as well as works dating back to the 11th century. Underneath the magnificent building is a maze of manmade tunnels, secret passages that date back to medieval times, as well as a wine cellar and King David’s dungeon. The castle is a haven of Nottingham’s history and offers a unique chance to explore the depths of the city’s artistic heritage.

Galleries of Justice

The Galleries of Justice gives an exciting and immersive experience in England’s colourful history of crime and punishment. Unique to Europe, the gallery brings to life some of the most shocking and entertaining stories of Nottingham’s past criminals and outlaws. With exhibitions like ‘Robin Hood: The Rise of a Rebel’ and ‘World War 1: Heroes & Villains’, the Galleries of Justice is the perfect place to enjoy an educational and engaging trip with the whole family.

Two Restaurants

Cosmo – Pan Asia and World Banquet Dining

For a taste of a multitude of global cuisines, the Cosmo restaurant in Nottingham offers an unbeatable dining experience. Live cooking stations serve up a delectable menu, ranging from Dim Sum, Yakitori, and Tandoor to homemade pizza oven and rotisserie chicken, and the stylish, modern design and vibrant atmosphere makes dining here a pleasure.

Red Hot World Buffet

Nottingham’s Red Hot World Buffet and Bar provide not only a huge array of dishes from all over the world, but also fantastic entertainment to regale you while you eat. With magicians and bands performing regularly at the lively restaurant, and cuisines ranging from Japanese or Indian to English and Tex-Mex, eating at Red Hot ensures a hugely enjoyable evening out in Nottingham.

Two Theatres

Theatre RoyalTheatre Royal by John Lord/Creative Commons (Image size has been modified)

Nottingham Playhouse

The Nottingham Playhouse is one of the city’s hot spots for live production, putting on a range of dramas, music shows, dance shows, comedy performances, and their hallmark Pantomime for packed audiences every week. The venue itself is handsome and elegant, and houses a diverse community of talented performers, and with big names such as Jeanette Winterson and Nina Conti making appearances, the Nottingham Playhouse serves proudly as a cultural hub of Nottingham.

Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall

At the heart of Nottingham City Centre, the regal Theatre Royal draws a host of major productions, including opera, ballet, West End musicals and a yearly pantomime. Its lavish auditorium hosts 1,186, promising an evening of sophisticated entertainment where you can watch the likes of Frankie Boyle and Jools Holland perform, before heading to the venue’s restaurants, bars, or cafés for an after-show meal or drink.

Our Jurys Inn Nottingham sits in the heart of the city, perfect for exploring all of Nottingham’s cultural hotspots.

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