Posted 12 Apr 2013

Most people have trouble sleeping at one time or another, and if you have to stay away from home this is more likely to happen. Here are our top tips to help you improve your chances of a good night sleep away from the comfort of your own bed.

Ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep

Probably the most important factor is ensuring your bed and linen is comfortable enough for you. At Jurys Inn, we offer you extra blankets and pillows if needed to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during your stay with us.

Go to sleep at the appropriate time

You might be away on business which means you have to stay in a hotel room. This could lead to you being extra busy or with the chance to take advantage of a food and drink allowance. Regardless of how busy you are, it’s advised to stick to the same sleep pattern as you would have at home.

Make sure the temperature is correct

Whether you’re a cold sleeper or a warm one, it’s better for you to have the same room temperature as you do at home. If your room is too hot or cold, you’re more likely to experience difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

Run a hot bath

Your body temperature drops during the night, so taking a hot bath will help to temporarily raise it back up, leading to a rapid cool down period that relaxes you and is more likely to put you into a deep sleep.

Ear plugs

Although you might live in a tranquil neighbourhood where all families are asleep by 10pm and the only sound you hear is the occasional cat fight, the place you’re staying might not be so idyllic. You might be staying in a busy city with lots of late night traffic or have noisy people in the next room. Use earplugs to drown out any noise and increase your chances of a good night.

Eat before a certain time

If you’re staying at a hotel, the chances are you’ll be eating in the restaurant. When eating a large meal, the secret is to leave around 2-3 hours before your bedtime. Make sure you eat as early as possible to allow yourself enough time to digest what you’ve eaten.

Avoid coffee or products containing caffeine

Most hotels come with complimentary coffee or tea, and a good cuppa is the perfect way to start a busy day. Drinking coffee, tea or other caffeine containing products within hours of your bedtime is not advised as it’s thought to cause you to wake up during the night and limit the quality of your sleep.

Avoid alcohol

Although too much alcohol can cause you to fall asleep, the quality of this sleep is likely to be worse than a non-alcoholic one. A glass of wine after your evening meal might help you nod off, but try not to overdo it.

Check out Jurys Inn Sweet Dreamer Guide for more tips on getting that perfect sleep.

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