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Packing your suitcase and journeying to the airport in time for take-off can be stressful, especially if you’re battling with rush hour traffic or if you’ve had little to no sleep. That’s where airport hotels can help. Imagine not rushing to the airport in the early hours of the morning, and instead, enjoying a pleasant pre-flight experience in the comfort of your airport hotel room.

Here are 10 reasons why you should stay in an airport hotel.

Start Your Holiday Early
If you’re taking in a trip of a lifetime, get your holiday off to the best possible start by arriving at the airport comfortably and stress-free.

Sitting on a flight tired and irritable is no way to start a holiday. Instead, book into an airport hotel and relax and unwind before the day of your flight. You could book a spa treatment, indulge in some fine dining or simply flake out and enjoy the quality room service on a lavish super king bed.

An Opportunity to Explore
Why wait until you have stepped off the plane for your first adventure? Airport hotels are often located near beautiful towns and cities that are just waiting to be explored. If you’re flying from Aberdeen Airport, venturing out into the surrounding areas to experience Scotland’s breath-taking landscapes is a must.

Just a short drive from Jurys Inn Aberdeen Airport, there’s so much to discover in and around Aberdeen, from admiring the port city’s striking architecture and strolling around St Machar’s Cathedral to spending the day at the nearby Balmedie Beach.

Find Yourself a Great Deal
Extending your trip by one night needn’t be pricey. Airport hotels can be excellent value for money, especially if you’re also looking for a safe place to park your car while you’re away. There are a range of options available to you, from a single night’s stay with bed and breakfast, to excellent park and fly deals that offer convenience and secure parking from day one.

Flying from East Midlands Airport? Jurys Inn East Midlands Airport Hotel offers the perfect base for your onward journey at affordable prices.

Time to Prepare
Panicked searches for passports and boarding cards are less likely to happen if you give yourself the time to prepare at an airport hotel. Use your time in the hotel to make last minute checks and avoid any unpleasant surprises. Check your flight’s status and confirm any bookings, be that hotel reservations or for car rental.

If you’re packing tablets, smartphones, laptops etc., airport hotels provide the perfect pit stop for you to recharge all your electronic devices (and double check that you’ve all the adapters you need to keep them fully charged throughout your trip).

Iron Out Your Itinerary
If you’re all packed and ready to go, but still uncertain about what to do when you land, staying at an airport hotel gives you enough time to get into holiday mode and also an opportunity to think clearly about what you want from your trip. Using the room’s free Wi-Fi, you can plan your trip to the very last detail. 

If you’re traveling on business, airport hotels offer convenience and comfort as well as a place to clear your head, as you work on an important pitch or presentation.

A Good Night’s Sleep
The anticipation of your alarm clock going off or the worry that you’ve forgotten something often means that getting a good night’s sleep before flying is out of the question.

Booking a room at an airport hotel can help alleviate those anxieties. Knowing that you’re within walking distance or only a short shuttle bus drive away from the airport can be incredibly reassuring, and it also gives you some breathing space to check you’ve got everything you need before setting off.

No Dreaded Drive
Driving to the airport just hours before take-off is a pre-flight stress that you can easily avoid by booking into an airport hotel. No sweaty palms and nervous glances from the clock to the road. Check into an airport hotel and you can look forward to a peaceful night’s sleep/a hassle-free morning before heading to the airport. 

Feel Refreshed
Airport hotels allow you to relax, recharge and feel refreshed before your trip. Whether that’s by tucking into delicious food and drink at the hotel bar or by taking time out in the gym – airport hotels boast the facilities you need to feel rested and re-energised before stepping on the plane.

Ideal for Families
Hectic mornings and school runs are nothing compared to organising a family holiday. If the thought of getting everyone up and ready and out the door in time for take-off terrifies you, book into an airport hotel the day before you fly. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on the way to the airport and you can make those final checks to suitcases in complete comfort.

Your Safety in Mind
If you’ve been on a long-haul flight and are struggling to keep your eyes open, don’t drive.

Drowsy driving makes you less attentive to the road, decreases your reaction time and puts you and others in serious danger. In other words, it’s not worth the risk. Book yourself into an airport hotel, get some much-needed sleep and drive home well rested after an excellent trip.

See what East Midlands has to offer and book a city break.

Airport hotels are an easy way to improve the whole experience of your trip. If you’re flying from East Midlands or Aberdeen Airport, book your stay with Jurys Inn today.

Learn more about booking a city break in Aberdeen.

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