Posted 24 Sep 2010
Over the last few years, Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has become a popular weekend destination for many Europeans. With exciting nightlife, year-long city events, rich history and affordable accommodations, taking a Prague weekend break is easy and fun. In 2009, 4.1 million people visited the city of Prague, making it one of the most popular cities for tourism in Europe.

Attractions in Prague

One of the main features of Prague that brings many tourists to the city are the beautiful historic buildings. The city of Prague took very little damage during World War II, which means there are many historic areas with architecture spanning several decades of styles from modern to renaissance. This makes planning a Prague weekend break fairly affordable, as sightseeing will cost you very little money and will simultaneously allow you to take in quite a bit of culture. Prague is also home to several museums, castles, the Prague Zoo and architectural wonders such as the Pisek Gate, the Dancing House and The Astronomical Clock.

Another good way to spend a Prague weekend break is taking in all of the entertainment that the city has to offer. As Prague is a leading location for tourism, there are events and festivals taking place year round. From theatre events and opera performances to modern rock concerts and sporting events, Prague has something for everybody's sensibilities. Popular festivals in the city include the Autumn Beer Tasting, the Dvorak Prague Festival, Christmas Markets and One World Festival. Planning your Prague weekend break around special events is a great way to get the most out of your time in this exciting city.

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