Valentine's Day | Posted 12 Feb 2015
Love Doctor

Love is definitely in the air this week at Jurys Inn. Not only did we announce that we will be introducing the world’s first aphrodisiac pillow exclusively at our UK hotels this weekend, but now we have asked the “Dating Doctor” Peter Spalton to give us some of his dating tips in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

Peter Spalton is a renowned love coach and widely recognised as an expert on interpersonal and social skills including flirting, dating, seduction and body language

So without further ado, here are the “Dating Doctor’s” top tips on dating:

  • 1st impressions - research tells us that 52% is how you look, 38% is how you sound and only 7% is what you actually say
  • 1st date? Make it short, fun and exciting. It's all about finding out if you both click
  • Wednesday is the best day for a first date as you can then have the second on the Saturday
  •  Rather than the usual VDay dinner, be different! Midnight picnic in a hotel bed? Or loving champagne brekkie& strawberries?
  • Flirt with your body & mind! Men tend to concentrate on what to say and women, on what to do with their hands, face & eyes
  • VDay idea. Organise something that you've not done before. Burlesque, comedy show, poetry recital or a walk at sunrise
  •  Confidence is attractive so straighten up, relax your shoulders and lean slight forward when sitting
  • 1st date? Wear clothes that show you've made the effort, smell good & smile so they know you're pleased to see them
  • 2nd date? Make it a meal. You need to spend time getting to know each other properly
  •  Compliments build desire so when you're out with your friends, txt to say how much you miss them
  • On a date? Vary the pitch and pace of your voice. Talking monotone will make you sound dull. Loud will make you overbearing
  • Make sure you come across enthusiastic and passionate. Genuine passion is infectious and attractive

To contact Peter, follow him on Twitter @thedatingdoctor.

Main image - Pixabay images/ CC BY (Image size has been modified)

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