Posted 06 Oct 2010
Sustainability has become an essential part of conserving the environment in which we live, and it shouldn’t just apply to when you’re at home or at work, but should also be an important consideration when you travel. Hotels and other types of accommodation are beginning to understand their role in sustainability and are starting to put in place processes to make your stay not only a comfortable one but one that is environmentally friendly too. Green hotels or eco-hotels are becoming ecologically sustainable and committed to being sustainable in the following different areas:

Energy Usage Water Usage Waste Disposal Protection of local environment

Energy Usage

When it comes to energy, having accommodation which curbs its electric usage can make a huge difference to the environment. Putting in place energy saving processes like checking insulation in all rooms, automatic light extinguishing by use of room keys, educating their staff on energy usage, and regular electricity checks can really make a difference.

Water Usage

In terms of water usage, procedures like avoidance of dangerous chemical cleaning products, waste water recycling, and housekeeping rules to avoid unnecessary water usage. On top of that , accommodation can re use waste water for watering.

Waste Disposal

Disposal is one of the most important elements to a sustainable campaign. Educating staff on recycling is crucial to correct waste disposal. Aswell as that, hotels can avoid using environmentally unfriendly materials. They can also re use organic materials to be used in the garden and grounds. Also, the hotel can use disposal items that are bio-degradeable or easily recyclable.

Protection of local Environment

Hotels and accommodation can protect the local area by co operating with local businesses and hiring local staff. They can participate in local conservation programs and can buy food and ingredients from only local producers or even local herbs and plants in the garden. Hotels can also encourage guests to shop locally and be aware of sustainability in their hotels.

Jurys Inns Group are the ‘UK’s first Green Hotel Group’ and won the Eco Hotel Group of the year for 2010 at the Scottish Hotel Awards. Check out Jury’s Inns rates if you are looking to stay in green hotel in the UK or Ireland or a hotel in Prague.

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