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For centuries, the Scottish Highlands have been shrouded in ancient legends, been the backdrop to bloodthirsty battles and produced some of the finest whiskey in the world. It’s little wonder than thousands of people travel from all corners of the globe to see for themselves the magic of the Highlands, and immerse themselves in a unique culture.

Planning a trip to the Highlands? Read on to discover how to experience the very best of this magical destination, and get the most from the trip of a lifetime.

Why not start your Scottish adventure in one of the country’s bustling cities? We have hotels in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Aberdeen.

Expect to do a lot of walking

While there are many roads that will take you right through the Highlands, some of the most awe-inspiring places in the region can only be reached on foot. Take the Knoydart peninsula – this mesmerizing place is home to the mainland’s most remote pub, The Old Forge, which can only be reached by ferry or a 16-mile hike.

Safe to say, you’ll be doing a lot of walking on your trip to the Highlands. We recommend packing a good pair of walking boots and waterproofs to keep you comfortable as you hike across some of the planet’s most magnificent scenery.

Take some time to just ‘be’

The Highlands are a magical place, so take some time to just be still and take it all in. You’ll be looking at some of the greatest natural landscapes on earth, so we recommend putting the camera down for a few minutes, taking a deep breath and drinking it all in – who knows when you’ll be back here so make the most of it while you can, and save the technology for your hotel room.

Book a guided tour

While there are many places in the Highlands that are wonderful to explore alone, some of the region’s historically significant places are much more accessible if you book a tour guide. Not only will they share their expert knowledge on some of Scotland’s most icon iconic landmarks, but you’ll also be treated to stories and legends told by someone who has dedicated their life to regaling the wonders of the Highlands.

Be respectful to the wildlife

The Highlands is home to some unique and intriguing wildlife, and it’s important to remember this when exploring the region. Animals like the Highland Cow, the Scottish Wildcat, the Pine Marten and the Puffin are all native to the Scottish Highlands, so be sure to leave nothing but footprints when leaving their natural habitat.

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