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Princess Ghost of Castle Fraser
Turreted Castle Fraser has many paranormal activities haunting its halls. The most chilling story is that of the murdered princess. The princess ghost had her life taken in ‘The Green Room’, the ghastly deed committed with her blood staining the hearth and staircase. The stains are repeatedly washed away only to mysteriously reappear, forever a reminder of the princess’ untimely end.

The princess ghost is not alone, Castle Fraser is also haunted by another spectre who appears in a long black gown, said to be Lady Blanche Drummond.

Curious piano music also haunts the castle and those who enter the building often hear voices from nowhere…

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Child Ghost of Kingcausie
A tragic accident haunts the Kingcausie Tower house of Aberdeenshire. Two year old James Turner Christie was dropped down a flight of stairs by his nanny. The accident was fatal. Today, the child ghost haunts Kingcausie and visitors often hear children’s footsteps ringing throughout the house. The ‘Chinese Room’ is also reported to have the bedclothes mysteriously thrown off by a mischievous ghost.

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Mary King’s Close
This infamous close lies under Edinburgh’s city centre and is riddled with paranormal activity and ghosts. Part of an area that was essentially quarantined during the 16th and 17th centuries, there are many stories of ghostly inhabitants said to have died during that time. The area today is considered one of the most haunted areas of Edinburgh, attracting many visitors each year.

Mary King’s Close’s most famous ghost is a young girl named Annie. A psychic visiting the small rooms in 1992 was overcome with a feeling of sickness, hunger, and cold. When she moved to leave the room, she felt a tug by a ghostly hand. It is said that when she looked back, she saw the young girl crying in the corner of the room. Annie revealed that she had died during ‘the sickness’ of 1645, and according to the psychic, was distraught over a doll she had lost, saying she felt lonely without it. The psychic then left a doll behind for her and since this time, visitors leave dolls and gifts for Annie in the corner where she was seen.

Other ghosts have been known to roam the close. Visitors often hear phantom footsteps, and on occasion, see a lady (thought to be Alexander King’s daughter Mary) wearing grey or black. Male apparitions have also been reported to
disappear when approached.

Aside from reports and stories, a photograph surfaced in 2008 that is often considered proof that the close is haunted. A translucent figure was snapped on camera when the area was closed and the photographer was alone. Is this compelling
evidence, or just a hoax? Is the close truly haunted? Only a visit to this spectral site will help you decide….

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The Vampire of Southern Necropolis

A story of a vampire with iron teeth has struck fear in the hearts of many locals in the Southern Necropolis. The graveyard is a centre of paranormal activity and was said to be the home of the iron toothed Vampire. During the 1950s, it was believed that the vampire had kidnapped and devoured two little children from the local area. This story was so strongly believed that hundreds of children patrolled the Southern Necropolis in search of the terrifying monster.

In addition to the ghastly vampire, the Southern Necropolis has also had sightings of a ghostly white lady floating through the cemetery at night.

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Poppy Girl of Castle Keep
Newcastle’s Castle Keep has been considered a hub of paranormal activity. Many photographs have been taken with unexplained shadows, mists and orbs. Visitors
have also reported cold spots appearing and disappearing from nowhere, as well as the sensation of being touched by invisible ghostly hands. Some visitors even report being attacked – scratched and shoved within the walls of the Keep.

The Keep’s famous ghost is the ‘Poppy Girl’. Poppy Girl is the spectre of a flower girl who was imprisoned because she owed money that she could not repay. The fate of the poor girl was brutal. Incarcerated with male prisoners, she was attacked and beaten, resulting in her untimely death. Her ghost is often sighted on the stairs of the Keep, many also smell the aroma of flowers when her spectre is close by.

The Queen’s chamber is also considered to be haunted. There have been reports of monks chanting in the chamber and echoing throughout the keep.

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The Blue Lady
The Blue Lady of Temple Newsam is thought to be the ghost of Mary Ingram, whose portrait has hung in the Green Damask Room since around 1862. Her story is one of
madness. One sinister night Ingram was returning home when her carriage was looted by highwaymen. She was attacked and robbed, traumatising her so much that she slipped into a deranged madness for the remainder of her days. It is said that after this robbery, Ingram became forever obsessed with hiding her possessions. Her ghost is often seen today searching for her lost treasures and is commonly
felt brushing past people on the staircase.

The Blue Lady is not the only resident ghost of Temple Newsam. Sightings of a monk in brown robes, a Knight Templar, a young boy climbing out of a cupboard, as well as
a non-descript misty form have also been reported.

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The Sobbing Lady of Bolling Hall
The Sobbing Lady of Bolling Hall dates back to 1642, with her haunting saving the lives of many innocents. During the war between Royalists and Puritans, the Earl
of Newcastle (Royalist) came to Bradford with his army to invade the city that was not yet overthrown. Angry that this town, despite having no army, was undefeated,
the Earl vowed to kill every man, woman and child! His vow was unfulfilled, however, after a visit from the Sobbing Lady.

The Earl awoke that very night feeling his bedclothes being pulled from him. An apparition of a woman stood by his bed, wringing her hands and crying for him to
‘pity poor Bradford’. Unnerved by his night-time visit from the Sobbing Lady, when the Earl attacked Bradford the following morning, only 10 lives were taken.

Since this first haunting, there have been a range of ghost sightings and paranormal activity reported at Bolling Hall. Visitors have heard ladies’ voices as well as a mysterious baby’s cry. The Blue Room has seen activity of a gentleman wearing long coat tails standing by the fireplace. This sociable spectre is often willing to
communicate with ghost hunters….

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Newsham Park Hospital

Newsham Park Hospital has had a range of sightings over the years, the source of hauntings have been attributed to various possible ghosts. Visitors are often immediately struck by the haunted nature of this building, its oppressive atmosphere surrounding you with a sense of foreboding and eeriness.

The site is said to have 16,000 cremated remains of orphans who once lived in the hospital. Reportedly thrown into a pit in the mortuary, these cremated remains may have anchored the spirits of the orphans to the hospital, with a number of ‘child’ sightings over the years. More specifically, on the upper floors sits a row of cupboards which were reportedly used as ‘the naughty’ cupboards. Misbehaving orphans would be locked in here for hours as punishment. The area is believed to be haunted by a little boy who died in the cupboard during his punishment. The mischievous ghost has haunted the area by opening and closing the cupboard doors, scaring those who dare to walk by.

There have been many reports from patients who would talk of children wandering the halls. An overwhelming number of psychiatric patients were seen talking to themselves, as though conversing with another. Patients were not alone in their ghostly experiences, a nurse repeatedly asserted that she was seeing apparitions from beyond the grave. Startlingly, the nurse was later found dead at the top of the staircase on the main corridor….

There have also been reports that tools have gone missing, only to appear in a different location of the hospital – such mischievous behaviour could be attributed to the playful nature of the child ghosts. Shadowy and ghostly apparitions have been seen dashing from room to room, as well as disembodied voices being heard across the hospital.

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The Skull House
Built in the 15th Century, Wardley Hall is known as the ‘Skull House’. This spooky house gained its name from the ghoulish skull that is ‘contained in a recess at the head of the main staircase’ said to have resided there since the reign of Charles II.

The skull is said to have belonged to a Roman Catholic priest, Father Ambrose, who was hung and quartered because of his faith. The skull is supposedly haunted and if it is moved from its home, terrible and spooky events occur. One specific incident details that a servant, scared of the gruesome skull and its supernatural power, threw it in the moat surrounding the hall. That night, a terrible storm struck the house, causing a fear and hysteria that the storm was a result of the skull releasing its wrath upon the house. The moat was subsequently drained and the skull returned to the house, where it remains today, bound to the house forever….

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Ghosts of Wythenshawe Hall
With a long and spooky history, Wythenshawe Hall is home to a range of ghosts and accustom to paranormal activity.

The Lady in White, believed to be Mary Webb, has a tragic story that has left her wandering the halls today, startling visitors with her ghostly spectre. Mary Webb was a servant of the house in the 1640s, however, during 1644/5, the house was under repeated attack by Oliver Cromwell’s men. Among the parliamentarians attacking the hall was Mary Webb’s fiancé. During the siege that won the parliamentarians control of the hall, Webb’s fiancé was shot
by his own captain.

In revenge of her lover’s death, Webb reportedly shot and killed Captain Adams. Once the remaining soldiers seized control of the hall, they shot Mary Webb, taking her life. Instead of joining her beloved in the beyond, her ghost is often seen frantically walking from room to room, sobbing while she desperately tries to flee the soldiers and her fate.

A specific sighting of Webb’s spectre was reported in 1991 when a mother and daughter who were exploring the house, heard a woman sobbing in one of the bedrooms. They spotted a woman dressed in a long white dress walk from the corridor and into one of the bedrooms. Assuming it was a member of staff dressed in costume, they followed the woman into the room only to find it empty. Believing there was another exit, they thought nothing of it. However, it was later revealed that was only one entrance to the room, and The Lady in White simply disappeared into thin air….

On the grounds of the hall, there is a shortcut often used by locals. There have been reports of ghost monks on the grounds, and one particular night, two friends walking through the grounds on their way home, witnessed several monks ahead of them. The monks could only be seen from their knees up, and terrifyingly, disappeared before the pair’s eyes, spooking them to never return at night.

Paranormal activity has been a frequent visitor at Wythenshawe. Strange unexplained sounds such as footsteps, bangs, and gunfire have been heard across the hall. An incident involving two staff members saw a tapestry fly off the wall, across the staircase and landing on top of
them both. They bolted from under the tapestry, seeking a room with a light on, but were forever spooked by the unexplained incident.

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The Sheffield Tram Ghost
A calm spectre, the gentleman ghost of the Sheffield Tram offers less of a haunting, but instead a ghostly lonely traveller. Not long after the trams first started running in Sheffield, an elderly man died of a heart attack in his seat. The conductor did not notice until the tram returned to the depot, and by that time it was too late.

Sometime after, a conductor asked an old man for his fare late one night when the passenger disappeared before his eyes! Staff have often seen the old man get on the tram, sometimes even opening the door for him and watching him take his seat, when he suddenly fades and disappears into nothing. Passengers have also seen the gentleman ghost, his spectre disappearing before the tram reaches Hillsborough.

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Legend of Loxley Common
In a lonely cottage on a bitter New Year’s Eve in 1812, Mary Revill was rocking her baby to sleep when she herself drifted off. The next morning, an acquaintance came to visit. When she received no answer to her knocks, she entered the cottage, only to find Mary lying murdered on the floor by her baby’s cradle. With snow on the ground, there were large footprints in the snow leading to a cave and disappearing inside. However, there were no footprints exiting the cave and no one inside…

Her husband showed little emotion on hearing of his wife’s death, and although he had spent the night drinking, no one could swear that he had not returned home that night. Locals gave a wide berth of the cave after night had fallen but the mystery was never solved. The husband became estranged and appeared to prematurely age. One year, again on New Year’s Eve, Revill could not be found, and so townspeople went in search of him. They found him hanging from the rafters of his outbuilding. Many had said Revill acted strangely at New Year’s Eve and often heard him mutter that he could not stand life any longer, indicating suicide When they searched the cabin they found a hunter’s knife rusted in blood, whether it was used to murder his wife it is unknown. The area remained haunted with the murder of Mary Revill, with many cottages remaining empty until 1900 when they were finally demolished.

The ghost of Mary Revill is said to roam Loxley Common, many describing her spectre as the woman in white gliding across the common with her hands in the air.

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Highwaymen and Phantom Coaches
The Great North Road has many ghost and ghouls. As one of the main highways, this road has seen many carriage robberies, murders, and more.

One story details a monster that is truly terrifying. A married couple were traveling in a carriage when it lost one of its wheels. The driver went on foot to find help. Time passed, the couple began to worry, and the temperatures started to drop. Fearing for his wife’s health, the husband went out in search of help. More time passed. The wife then heard voices, at first feeling relief, she quickly realised the voices were not of a rescue.

Someone jumped on the roof of the carriage and the vessel began swaying violently with loud thumps, the roof threatening to collapse at any moment. Scrambling to the door, bright lights dazed her. A voice commanded her to exit the carriage, it said “Miss! You must open the door slowly and walk towards the light. On no account look behind you!”

Shaking and terrified, the lady walked towards the lights, however just as she was approaching them, she turned to look at the carriage. On the roof crouched a man with rage
twisted features and wild red eyes, empty and ravaged with lunacy. His wrists were encased by snapped manacles and at his feet lay her husband’s dead body.

The Great North Road has also had many reports of encounters with the “Owd Lad”. This is said to be the devil himself reported to be seen with his black carriage and four horses.Reports vary in descriptions, one witness described a carriage that was "all on fire like brimstone, pulled by four skeleton horses".

Another tale describes a coach with six horses driven by a headless coachman and carrying a headless nobleman. It has been seen speeding down the road disappearing into nothing…

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Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Haunting
Presumed to be the oldest pub in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is said to have a few curses and hauntings to make anyone’s hairs stand up on end!

A model galleon has been a notable paranormal point of interest over the years. Hanging on the wall of the pub and covered in a heavy amount of dust and cobwebs, this model ship is believed to be cursed. The ship hasn’t been cleaned in many, many years, because (according to the pub’s landlord) "The last three people who have cleaned it are said to have died mysterious and unexpected deaths within 12 months of doing so."

The cellars of the pub have also been a hub of paranormal activity. Cave like caverns provide an oppressive and spooky atmosphere that cannot be avoided. In one of the cellars is a doorway, cut into the rock that make up the cellar walls, and completed with an iron gate. This chamber is said to be the condemned cell of the castle prison, where many men starved to
death. It is said to be haunted by their ghostly spirits. Objects are often moved around in the cellars, shadows and a dark mass have been seen, and even icy touches felt on the back of the neck and through the body.

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Little Jenny
One of the oldest inns in the county, The Bull i’th Thorn Inn offers a haunting that chills visitors to the core….

This inn is home to a sinister ghost indeed. Haunted by the spectre of a child who died of the plague in the 1600s, Little Jenny has often been seen sitting on a small box in the pub before vanishing into thin air. Visitors have also experienced scenes of moving objects, such as mirrors mysteriously falling off walls, as well as chilling sensations of phantom fingers touching their hair.

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The Grey Lady of Aston Hall
Considered the most haunted building in Britain, Aston Hall is a hub of paranormal activity and reported to be home to more than one ghost. One of the more tragic stories of this magnificent house is that of Sir Robert Holte’s daughter, who is said to still haunt the halls as the Grey Lady. Holte’s daughter was unwilling to marry the suitor he had chosen for her. The young girl set a plan into place to elope with the man she truly loved. However, her intention was discovered by her father. He locked her away in a room on the upper floor to stop the imprudent elopement, keeping her incarcerated for over a decade. The poor girl was eventually driven insane from loneliness and she died after 16 years of captivity. Often mistaken for staff
dressed in period costume, the ‘Grey Lady’ ghost is seen at least twice a year.

The Grey lady is not alone in the haunting of Aston Hall. Housekeeper Mrs Walker, known as the ‘Green Lady’ is a reported spectre of the Hall. Wearing a long green dress, her haunts include sitting in a chair in the Housekeepers Room or appearing the Great Hall. Her tragic end is unknown but she continues to appear… her unfinished business forever a mystery.

One last ghost dwells in Aston Hall. A tragic story of a servant boy hangs in the air of the long corridor making up the entrance of the central tower and servant’s quarters. Known as Dick’s ‘Garret’, the corridor is haunted by a boy who took his own life by hanging after he was accused of stealing from his employers. Sightings of his ghost were frequently reported along
the hall, however, incidents have dwindled over time - has his ghost found peace and moved on?

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Lovers of Tickford Bridge
Draped in mystery, the story of the star-crossed lovers of Tickford Bridge is one of woe. The daughter of a wealthy man in Tyringham fell desperately in love with a woodcutter. Her family did not approve of such a union. So much so that the girl’s Calvary officer brother beat the woodcutter unconscious and dumped him in the Lovat River. The girl found her lover in the river and dragged him into a boat. She rowed for miles down the river in search of somewhere
safe to nurse her love back to health. However, they passed under the Tickford Bridge and did not emerge on the other side. The couple were never seen again.

It is believed that the spirit of the lovers appear in the form of swans every Christmas, coming in from the direction of Tyringham and passing under the bridge.

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The Headless Ghost of Cassiobury Park
The ghost of Cassiobury Park is said to be that of Lord Capel. Lord Capel was a royalist during the civil war but eventually had to surrender. As a result, he was beheaded in 1649. The legend goes that Lord Capel’s heart was kept by the family and buried at Cassiobury Park when they later moved- its location lost over the centuries.

Today, his headless ghost roams the grounds, especially on moonlit nights around the 9th of March. His spirit has mostly appeared headless, although there have been reports where his spectre has a head with long hair and a moustache.

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DC3 Dakota Gentleman Ghost
The story of the gentleman ghost is a truly chilling tale. A foggy night in 1948 saw the tragic
crash of a DC3 Dakota Belgian airlines plane. There were no survivors. The rescue crew worked frantically to try and pull casualties from the wreckage, despite knowing there would be no survivors. While working through the wreckage, the crew saw a gentleman in a hat appearthrough the fog. He politely asked if they had found his briefcase in the wreckage. The men were taken by surprise, and the gentleman disappeared before their eyes as they just stared at him in shock. The workers later found the gentleman’s body in the wreckage.

The gentleman ghost has since been seen many times along that same runway where he died in 1948, apparently appearing out of nowhere, walking down the stretch searching for his briefcase. Other witnesses say he appears only confused and dazed as he wanders along the runway.

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The Hangman of Hangleton
Hangleton Road was once the sight of many hangings in the 17th Century. The ghost that haunts this sinister site is said to be the hangman, Thomas Kypper. Kypper was reported to be a particularly sadistic hangman, showing no mercy to his victims, and instead, made the hangings more horrific. A ferocious man in other aspects of his life, Kypper was accused of two murders and was finally sentenced to death at Hangleton after killing his neighbour.

The sightings of the ‘Hangman of Hangleton’ are detailed and numerous. The site is still today home to a large population of magpies and crows, adding to the eeriness and ghostly atmosphere of this area. The spectre has been described as tall and broad, clothed in tattered attire with a black cloth tied around his head, resembling a hood. Mixed reports have stated that he carries a staff or has a wooden leg, while others include ‘a dead eye’, yellow teeth, greasy and pitted skin, as well as dirty, matted hair!

Aside from the detailed reports of the hangman ghost’s appearance, the sequence of events reported since the 1930s have been eerily similar. Witnesses, often inside their homes, have heard a loud thud, followed by a persistent tapping from outside. When each witness has ventured out to investigate, they see the apparition standing outside. The hangman spectre at first appears unaware of his observer. However, suddenly turning, he catches their gaze and seconds later he vanishes….

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Ghost of German Pilot
Croydon has many ghostly happenings, one of the most notable stories is that of a German Pilot. Shot down during the Second World War, the German Pilot aborted his plane and was badly injured. Some locals wished to kill the wounded pilot, other disagreed and cared for him until the wardens arrived and took him to hospital, where he unfortunately died. His ghost appeared to a man who, having dropped his wallet, returned to retrieve the lost item. The man was handed his wallet by a pilot who spoke with a thick foreign accent and was wearing a flying jacket. The pilot disappeared before the man’s eyes. The spectral pilot’s identity was only revealed when the witness recognized the pilot from a photograph.

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Tudor House Hauntings
Built in 1492, the Tudor House & Garden on Bugle Street is riddled with paranormal activity and ghostly apparitions. Such activity includes doors slamming of their own accord, unexplained footsteps and disembodied voices.

The Green Room is considered to be the central hub of activity, with staff and renovation workmen refusing to work in the room alone. Dogs (which are considered susceptible to picking up unknown entities) have refused to enter the room, and dowsing rods have apparently gone erratic in the room. Sightings of dark shadows have been reported, low
whispers heard, flying objects witnessed, and even a sighting of the ghost of Ann Boleyn, who once stayed in the house, has been reported wandering the corridors.

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Lydiard House
There are a few ghosts that frequent Lydiard house. The most established ghost is that of Sir John St John, a previous owner of the house. Both staff and visitors have witnessed his ghost in the Morning Room where he is said to lean up against the fireplace, and is described as a morose and melancholy spirit. His spectre appears solid, only his 17th century attire indicating his otherworldly appearance. The appearance of Sir John’s apparition has been reported to be preceded by a drop in temperature and the strong scent of sweet tobacco fills the room.

Sir John is not the only spirit to haunt the halls of Lydiard House. The staircase is said to be home to a lady in white, whose identity is speculated as Lady Blunt. Her ghost, in addition to other appearances, is said to periodically return on the 30th October, the anniversary of the murder of Lady Blunt’s fiancé, indicating the lady in white’s possible identity.

The grounds are supposedly haunted by a little drummer boy, who has been seen silently tapping a drum slung across his shoulder. The grounds are also said to be haunted by a phantom coach and its horses.

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The Cathedral Close Lovers
A tragic story of forbidden love dating back to 1520, the Cathedral Close lovers still haunt the area. The story told is that a monk living in the college for monks met a nun from a nearby convent and they quickly fell in love. The couple met several times and the nun became pregnant. When discovered, the lovers were threatened with execution. To avoid this fate, they made a suicide pact and jumped down the well together to a fateful end.

Visitors of the courtyard have since sighted the monk’s cloaked figure wearing his sandals. Those visiting have also reported smelling essence of rose-water, which nuns would wear… the lover ghosts of this grievous tale haunting the spot where they met their end.

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The Blue Lady
Tollymore Forest Park is said to be the dwellingof a wistful spectre, lost without her home.
The Blue Lady’s ghost resided in the Tollymore House before its destructionin the post-war years. Today, her spectre continues to remain on the grounds, homeless. While her fateful end is unknown, she is said to haunt the park, restlessly wandering through the forest looking for her lost love whose life was taken in battle.

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The Elizabethan House Cradle
Dating back to 1584, this historic and atmospheric house has witnessed many paranormal incidents from unexplained cold spots to ghostly apparitions. Furniture has been heard dragged across the floor of the upstairs, only when the noise is investigated, the furniture has remained untouched in its original position. A ghostly apparition of a young girl below the age of ten has been seen sitting in the corner of a room on the first floor. She is often seen looking out of the window - witnesses have seen the spectre both inside the house and from passers-by on the street below.

The most notable ghostly encounter to have been experienced in this house was by an archaeologist from the Plymouth Museum in 1983. Arriving early to set up for a lecture, he made his way up the Elizabethan winding staircase. He heard an odd sound from the upper floors and hurried up to investigate the source of the noise. As he entered one of the bedrooms, he discovered a wooden cradle rocking side to side unaided by any visible force. The cradle moved with such a steady pace, no breeze could be the cause. Spooked by
what he was seeing, the archaeologist hurried back down the stairs, finding that his guests had started arriving. So alarmed by what he had just witnessed, he described his experience and convinced some of his guests to join him upstairs to see if the cradle would move again. The cradle remained stationary and many of the guests were joking about the situation when the cradle began to rock as it had before, shocking and terrifying the witnesses.

Local legend states that a figure of an infant child has been seen within this small wooden cradle. This has been witnessed only for a brief moment and then the apparition suddenly vanishes.

Story Source:

Woodlawn House
This derelict haunted mansion is considered to be the scariest in Ireland. When filming a documentary on Ireland’s most haunted houses, even the creators of the hit movie ‘The Blair Witch Project’ found Woodlawn House to be the most terrifying.

The house is empty and abandoned, but heavily guarded by CCTV and police to prevent trespassers, mostly those keen to catch a glimpse of paranormal activity, from entering. This prohibition has made the mansion all the more mysterious and exciting, and those who have managed to enter (this is not recommended) have reported a range of spooky paranormal activity within the house.

Over the years there have been rumours of a tragic suicide, which led to stories of ghosts. There have also been reports of tormented wails of a girl, phantom footsteps, and a presence of a phantasm or entity found in the ‘hook room’. Many believe that this house may perform as a gateway to the ‘other side’…

Story Source:

The Long Walk
The long walk of Galway city has long been considereda site of paranormal activity with tales of a mysteriouslady in white being reported for decades. However, in 2012, a mysterious event occurred potentially proving the Long Walk’s haunted past. A local photographer was taking pictures of the area, when a female figure appeared in one of the photographs. Dressed in a dark cloak, the figure appears to be walking towards the camera, however she does not appear in the shot before or after in the set, apparently disappearing into thin air. The woman is thought to be an apparition of a 19th Century nun from Claddagh. The validity of the image is of course contested, but how could a figure just appear and disappear from the photographer’s frame without his noticing?

Story Source:

Howth Harbour Lighthouse
A tragic story of the sea haunts this lighthouse. A father and his 3 year old daughter were washed out to sea, drowning in the 1800s. It is said that the father’s ghost haunts the lighthouse, he is often seen on the shore calling out to his lost daughter. The cries of the daughter have also been heard adding to the
spookiness of this unfortunate tale.

Story Source:

The White Ghost of Glanmire
The graveyard of Glanmire has a chilling tale to tell. Guarding the gate of the graveyard at night, the white woman ghost was a spectre feared by locals who would avoid the area after dark. One night, a man who was unaware of the tale, walked passed the church and encountered the white woman phantom. Not realising the apparition was spectre and not a solid person, the man wished her a good evening. The white woman responded to his greeting with ‘It is a fine night for the dead, but the living should be in bed’. Spooked by such a response and the ghostly woman, the man fled home and is said to have remained in bed for the rest of his days….

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