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Halloween is a day for kids and adults alike, bringing family and friends together to dress up in scary costumes and indulge in mountains of sweets and chocolates. Whether trick or treating with the kids, hosting your own party, or heading out to an event, set up a terrifyingly enjoyable eve of costumes, food, drink, and entertainment with Jurys Inn’s Guide to… The Perfect Halloween!


Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes clothing boys red devils robe by Mathila Samuelsson/CCYB (Image size has been modified)

What would Halloween be without an appearance from your favourite monsters and fiends? From the old favourites, like mummies and zombies, to modern twists like the Google Maps man, and everything in between, there are hundreds of ghoulish garments for your night out, home shindig, or chaperoning duties!

Classics Costumes

The old vintages are always a safe bet, with monsters from decades and centuries gone by still staples in Halloween culture today. From literary classics like Frankenstein and Dracula, to ghosts, zombies, and witches, this spooky night is the perfect excuse to brush off the glow in the dark fangs and fake blood! Take a look at this list of classic costumes for more ideas.

Modern Costumes

The golden oldies aren’t for everyone – maybe one of the many iconic characters born from the internet era will provide the fright you’re looking for, from grumpy cats and excitable dogs, to countless memes and even more cosplays. There’s a whole world of untapped ideas to add a hilarious, if not horrifying touch to your Halloween night. Browse these modern Halloween costumeideas for a few pointers.

Weird and Wonderful Costumes

If you’re the sort to stand out from the crowd, then maybe a weird Halloween costume is right for you! Shun the old monsters and the new age dressers, and go as something completely unexpected to really shock your friends. Try and navigate the party as a sat-nav system, or puzzle the other guests by dressing up as an actual puzzle piece! Take a look at these unique costume ideas for inspiration.

DIY Costumes

DIY costumes can be a cheaper option and are always fun to make! Show off your creativity and tailoring skills with a homemade mummy getup using toilet paper and glue, or a robot costume made from cardboard boxes and tinfoil. Browse these DIY Halloween costumes for a head start.

Food and Drink

Halloween CupcakeHalloween Spider Cup Cake by Somewhere in the world today/Creative Commons (Image size has been modified)

If you’re having a party or a few friends and family over for Halloween, no All Hallows Eve is complete without an impressive array of food and beverages! Shock and scare your guests with some eerie eats like a snake-shaped calzone, or try your hand at concocting a devilish Bloody Mary! See some great food and drink suggestions below.


Fearsome finger foods and appetizers will bring your party table to life, especially when covered with delightfully creepy, homemade snacks. From pieces of fruit cut into monsters and ghouls, to a plate of cheese eyeballs, ears, and noses, these nibbles may look hellish but taste like heaven! Explore the full list of Halloween snacks for more unholy ideas.

Small Plates

Cook a feast fit for all types of creatures, spooks, and magical beings with a huge variety of dishes from Snake Sandwich to a Witch’s Purse. Fill your bellies with the perfect spooky spread and peruse more dishes and recipes to ensure a blood-curdling banquet for your guests!


There is a reason why Halloween is all about the sweet stuff. Lay your table with a selection of mysterious and tasty treats, from chocolate mice to I Scream Sandwiches and Scary Graveyard Pie to satisfy every sweet fang in attendance! Take a look at a range of Halloween desserts for even more creations.


Master your mixology with perplexing potions and bizarre brews from Vampiroto Green Ghoulade. Serve up cocktails, mocktails and punches to give your party an edge. Browse this list of Halloween cocktail recipes for an unearthly addition to your perfect Halloween.


One of the best parts about Halloween is the multitude of themes you can chose to make your party or gathering unique and memorable. From shock and horror designed to terrify your guests to more friendly themes, and even some interactive party motifs, the choices are only limited to your imagination.

Costume Theme

Centre your party on fancy dress and include a competition for who has the best costume. You can introduce categories and rules to make things interesting, and have a funny or horrific surprise for the winners and losers.

Movie/Book Theme

Pick your favourite horror or fantasy story and transform your house into another world! From Harry Potter and Game of Thrones to Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, immerse yourself and your guests in your themed decorations, entertainment, and food and drink.

Family Theme

Start the party early and enjoy Halloween as a family affair. Set up fun games and activities like apple bobbing or a piñata, as well as serving healthy and not so healthy ghoulish snacks and treats. You can also hand out little gift bags filled with goodies for the little ones, and end the evening with some trick-or-treating.

Interactive Theme

Bring your party to life with a unique twist – organize a murder mystery party with a magnificent meal and a suspenseful script, or build your own haunted house to give your guests a fright!

Take a look at this list of Halloween themes for your perfect party.


No matter who comes to your party or gathering, you need ways to keep your guests captivated. From ghastly games to frightful films, pick out the best entertainment from the endless choices out there.


Party games can be a fantastic way to get people mingling, chatting, and laughing, from ghost-story telling contests and spooky movie quotes to scavenger hunts and more! Skim through these game ideas for a children’s or family party, or check these suggestions for a more adult-themed night.


Halloween will always be an excuse to watch the scariest movie you can think of, and this can be a great way to set an eerie atmosphere at a party or gathering. Turn down the lights, turn up the volume and put on a suspenseful screening that has people on the edge of their seats, from Rosemary’s Baby to The Silence of the Lambs, or go with a classic slasher like the aptly named Halloween or Final Destination! Take a look at this list of horror movies to pick the right movie for your party.


Clear a dancing space, crank up the speakers and make a playlist of tunes from hundreds of spooky and sinful songs to keep your guests grooving all through the night. Your playlist might include ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson, or Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’, among many others. Try this list of the best Halloween songs to start planning your ideal playlist.

Dancing SkeletonsSkeleton dance to celebrate 5 million views by Kevin Dooley/Creative Commons (Image size has been modified)


If hosting your own Halloween party or gathering isn’t for you, there are plenty of thrilling events across the UK including Guy Fawkes Night, that are sure to give you a night to remember. From haunted houses and manors to creepshows, fright nights, and Halloween parties, you’re sure to find an experience that will chill you to your bones.

Peruse these Halloween events from around the country to find the right one for you.

Don't forget that St Andrew's Day takes place on November 30th and there’s usually a lot going on in Edinburgh in honour of the occasion.

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