Going Green | Posted 05 Jan 2017

Have you been thinking about making a change in 2017? “Going green” isn’t just about protecting the environment; it can improve your health, pad your bank account, and improve your overall quality of life! Check out some of our top tips to embrace the green scene.


Buy a reusable bottle, travel mug or thermos:
By investing in a reusable bottle, it reduces plastic and paper use. It also saves money on buying drinks, and you can re-fill it with any beverage you desire.

Reusable containers:
Buy a lunchbox to take food with you rather than spending money out and about. Cling film can be wasteful, by keeping your food in reusable containers, you can eat what you like and spend less!

Use rechargeable batteries:
How many times have you needed to buy batteries for a remote or a Childs toy? By investing in rechargeable batteries you will spend less than on single-use batteries, as well as reducing the amount of batteries created and thrown away.

Buy local:
Buying locally is a great way to reduce the amount of packaging used, while also supporting local businesses!

Start a compost bin:
This is a great way to cut waste expenses and save money! Convert any food and garden waste you have at home into fertiliser for your garden, just on time for spring.


As a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, we at Jurys Inn are committed to sound environmental practices and want to respect and actively engage with our environment.

  • We use locally sourced food wherever possible
  • We are training our employees to be energy and environment aware
  • We are recycling newspapers, office papers, cardboard, glass, batteries, printer cartridges, plastic, cans and cooling oils
  • We are actively monitoring and reducing our pollution and waste
  • We are actively monitoring and reducing the use of water and
  • Our cleaning products are now more environmentally friendly and reduce waste energy

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